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ACTIF Funded Projects: Together for Equality – Promoting social change for the recognition of LGBTQ2I rights in Honduras

Project partners Centro para el Desarrollo y la Cooperación LGBTI - SOMOS CDC (Honduras) Lawyers without borders (Canada) Target country Honduras Project description Lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, queer, two-spirited and intersex (LGBTQ2I) people in Honduras face various forms of discrimination and stigmatization, too often expressed through acts of violence and other forms of human rights [...]

ACTIF Funded Projects: EDING – Programme d’appui aux droits humains en Afrique francophone

Project partners Fierté Afrique Francophone (Ivory Coast) Fierté Montréal (Canada) Fondation Émergence (Canada) Target countries Burundi Cameroon Central African Republic Ivory Coast Morocco Senegal Project description LGBTQI+ people in Africa are invisibilized, excluded and oppressed from participating in political processes and spaces. Political leaders (ruling and opposition parties), religious leaders and community leaders all use [...]

ACTIF Funded Projects: Fiji and Jamaica Initiative

Project partners Caribbean Vulnerable Communities Coalition (Jamaica) Rainbow Pride Foundation (Fiji) The Global Interfaith Network for People of All SSOGIE (South Africa) Rainbow Faith and Freedom (Canada) Target countries Fiji Jamaica Project description The goal of this two-year project is to change the hearts and minds of families and faith communities in Jamaica and Fiji [...]

ACTIF Funded Projects: Diverse Voices of the Maghreb

Project partners Journalists for Human Rights (Canada) Target countries Tunisia Morocco Project description Diverse voices of the Maghreb is a proposed project for two years and a half by Journalists for Human Rights and a tunisian organization. The proposed project aims at enhancing the respect for, and protection and fulfillment of the human rights of [...]

ACTIF Funded Projects: Preventing and Addressing Gender-Based Violence Against LGBTQ+ Youth Through Arts-Based Activism

Project partners LGBT+ Rights Ghana (Ghana) The Centre for Girls and Interaction (Malawi) Canadian Centre for Gender and Sexuality Diversity (Canada) Target countries Ghana Malawi Project description This three-year project involves an innovative collaboration between LGBT+ Rights Ghana, the Centre for Girls and Interaction (CEGI), and the Canadian Centre for Gender and Sexual Diversity (CCGSD) [...]

ACTIF Funded projects: The Right to Health and Healing

Project partners Stephen Lewis Foundation - SLF (Canada) Freedom and Roam Uganda - FARUG (Uganda) Sexual Minorities Uganda (Uganda) Ice Breakers Uganda -IBU (Uganda) Men Against AIDS Youth Group - MAAYGO (Kenya) HIV and AIDS People's Alliance of Kenya - HAPA (Kenya) Health Options for Young Men in HIV, AIDS & STIs - HOYMAS (Kenya) [...]

ACTIF Funded projects: Translating research, education and dialogue into change and action for LGBTI communities

Project partners Egale (Canada) Intersex Asia - IA (Bangladesh, Nepal, India, Pakistan) Transbantu Association Zambia - TBZ (Zambia) Project description This two-year project will address important research gaps in Asia and Africa with an overarching goal  of  increasing  respect,  protection  and  fulfillment  of  human  rights  and  socio-economic outcomes for trans and intersex persons in five [...]

ACTIF Funded projects: Reclaiming our History, Defending Our Rights

Project partners Inter Pares (Canada) Colombia Diversa (Colombia) Fondo Lunaria Mujer (Colombia) Asociacion Lambda (Guatemala) Project description “Reclaiming our History, Defending Our Rights” is a three-year project in support of LGBTIQ+ persons and communities in Colombia and Guatemala. Each of the target countries of this project is in various stages of transition following periods of [...]

ACTIF Funded projects: For Me, For Others

Project partners Egides - Alliance internationale francophone pour l’égalité et les diversités (Canada) FACSDIS - Femmes en action contre la stigmatisation et la discrimination sexuelle (Haiti) CCAP - Chambre camerounaise des acteurs en psychologie (Cameroon). Project description The project "Pour Moi, Pour Les Autres" ("For Me, For Others") aims to improve the mental health and [...]

ACTIF Funded projects: Economic RES-Q

Project partners Canada LGBT+ Chamber of Commerce - CGLCC (Canada) Samavesh Chamber of Commerce (India) Equal Asia Foundation - Stichting EqualA Foundation (Thailand) Project description This collaborative capacity-building project was co-designed by CGLCC, Samavesh and EqualAF. Both Samavesh and Equal AF conducted preparatory stakeholder consultations that fed into the design of this project. The interventions [...]