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ACTIF Funded projects: Reclaiming our History, Defending Our Rights

Project partners

  • Inter Pares (Canada)
  • Colombia Diversa (Colombia)
  • Fondo Lunaria Mujer (Colombia)
  • Asociacion Lambda (Guatemala)

Project description

“Reclaiming our History, Defending Our Rights” is a three-year project in support of LGBTIQ+ persons and communities in Colombia and Guatemala. Each of the target countries of this project is in various stages of transition following periods of armed conflict and/or authoritarian rule. For the most part, the impact of these conflicts and human rights violations against LGBTIQ+ persons remains unacknowledged as have their contributions to the broad social movements that resulted in the signing of landmark peace agreements in Guatemala and Colombia. Disturbingly, in both countries, violence, hostility and exclusion remain the daily reality for many LGBTIQ+ people. As each country advances in its own unique process, LGBTIQ+ people are demanding to have their rights respected, their stories told, and to leverage the distinct political moments to advance the rights of LGBTIQ+ people and build more democratic and inclusive societies.The project seeks to advance these goals by enhancing the meaningful participation and leadership of LGBTIQ+ people and organizations in the advancement of peace and promotion of human rights (Intermediate Outcome 1); improving policy or practice of duty-bearers and other sectors in relation to LGBTIQ+ rights (Intermediate Outcome 2); and increasing community acceptance about the importance of realizing LGBTIQ+ rights (Intermediate Outcome 3). The activities that will be undertaken to lead to the expected results include leadership training, national and international advocacy, strategic litigation, providing subgrants and technical assistance to grassroots LBTIQ+ women’s groups, movement building, networking, public forums, webinars, story-telling, production of public engagement material and learning exchanges.