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Human rights defenders

Equitas builds the capacity of human rights defenders every day. Our tools and methodology are recognized for their quality and innovation.

Tens of thousands of courageous people around the world work daily to promote a more just, equitable and peaceful world.

They are the champions of the global human rights movement who struggle against great odds to overcome discrimination, intolerance and violence, and build communities that embrace equality, non-discrimination and respect for human dignity.

For 50 years, Equitas’ unique programs and innovative educational tools have been equipping frontline human rights defenders and educators with the knowledge, skills and attitudes to become more effective in their work.

Following their participation in Equitas programs, they are better able to protect the rights of marginalized and vulnerable groups and empower their communities to meaningfully participate in decision-making processes.

What they say


“I will be taking experiences of working in human rights in different contexts and applying some of the good practices in my work. I have made a good network of human rights defenders who can contribute in jointly creating pressure to further the cause of human rights. I have gained knowledge on designing actions to effectively address human rights issues in my local context.”
International Human Rights Training Program participant (June 2015)


“One thing I want to emphasize is the depth of the way that people understand and take action on what they are learning.”
Amber Lynn Munger, American Jewish World Service and Equitas funding partner in Haiti, on the
Citizen Engagement Program.

Learn more

Strengthening Human Rights Education Globally (SHREG) is a project that engages human rights defenders in making communities safer, more equitable, more democratic and respectful of human rights. Activities include the International Human Rights Training Program (IHRTP), an internationally recognized three-week training held in Montreal; Regional Human Rights Training Sessions in East Africa and West Africa; national initiatives in Tanzania, Senegal, Haiti and Colombia; as well as an important knowledge-sharing component. The SHREG project is undertaken with the financial support of the Government of Canada provided through Global Affairs Canada.

You can also explore our work that focuses on building the capacity of human rights defenders in Sri Lanka.

SUPPORT our human rights education efforts to build the capacity of human rights defenders worldwide.

Give human rights leaders like Akudo Oguaghamba the tools she needs to educate communities and bring people together to combat discrimination and empower women in Nigeria. Support the participation of a human rights defender to our renowned international training in Montreal by giving a bursary.

Human rights education ignites community solutions that lead to change.
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