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ACTIF Funded projects: Translating research, education and dialogue into change and action for LGBTI communities

Project partners

  • Egale (Canada)
  • Intersex Asia – IA (Bangladesh, Nepal, India, Pakistan)
  • Transbantu Association Zambia – TBZ (Zambia)

Project description

This two-year project will address important research gaps in Asia and Africa with an overarching goal  of  increasing  respect,  protection  and  fulfillment  of  human  rights  and  socio-economic outcomes for trans and intersex persons in five targeted countries. Recognizing that the increased participation for trans and intersex populations is also critically important, this project revolves around two key trans and intersex-led community-based research studies – one  focused on the realities for intersex persons in Bangladesh,  India,  Nepal,  and  the  Pakistan and another on trans communities in Zambia. Working with respected regional partners Intersex Asia (IA) and TransBantu Zambia (TBZ) as partners will offer mutual benefit related to some of the excellent domestic research that Egale has engaged in, and also offer Egale critical insight into becoming a global hub for community-based research for action initiatives.