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Call for Proposals

The call for proposals for the fourth funding cycle of the Act Together for Inclusion Fund (ACTIF) ended on February 1, 2024. This is the last funding cycle of the current AGIRI Fund program.

ACTIF’s objective is to advance the human rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, queer, two-spirit and intersex (LGBTQ2I) persons in countries in the Global South, and specifically those eligible for Official Development Assistance (ODA). ACTIF funds projects designed and managed through a partnership between Canadian LGBTQ2I and Southern organizations. It aims to foster solidarity between LGBTQ2I movements in the Global South and Canada.

For this 4th funding cycle, specific criteria apply to proposals.

This funding cycle aims to finance 2 to 3 projects that specifically meet the following criteria: 

  • Organizations that have not previously received ACTIF funding. 
  • Priority will be given to Canadian organizations run by members of the 2SLGBTQI community. Between 75% and 100% of available funds will be allocated to organizations meeting this priority criterion.
  • Other Canadian organizations that are not specifically 2SLGBTQI organizations will need to demonstrate that they have strong links to the 2SLGBTQI context and community, including a clear track record in addressing 2SLGBTQI rights and issues.
  • Organizations must be members of DNC or intend to become members before the start of the project.
  • Organizations must be incorporated and have sufficient resources to manage a grant of $150,000 to $400,000 CAD that involves significant administrative work, in accordance with Global Affairs Canada funding requirements. 

Projects will have a maximum duration of 24 months (2 years), between 2024 and 2026. 

If you would like to submit a proposal that meets the eligibility criteria and did not attend the information session on December 7, 2023, please let us know at actif-agiri@equitas.org.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
About the ACTIF Call for Proposals

Who is eligible to apply for ACTIF?

ACTIF will support projects designed and implemented by Canadian and Southern partnerships.

Please see the Call for Proposals Guidelines for Step 1 (also available French) for information about the eligibility criteria as well as the priority criteria for the 4th funding cycle.

Can multiple Southern and/or Canadian organizations apply together?

Yes. Collaboration and consortiums are encouraged. We recommend that partnerships have between 1 and 3 non-Canadian partners up to four partners are allowed. Two Canadian organizations can submit joint proposals (with a maximum of 4 Southern partners), which is a potential avenue for non-LGBTQ2I led organizations partnering with LGBTQ2I-led organizations who may not have experience working internationally and managing Global Affairs Canada funding requirements. 

Can non registered organizations receive funding?

Canadian organizations must be registered. These organizations, acting as fiscal sponsors, can partner and share funding with Southern unregistered organizations.

Can an organization be funded by ACTIF for multiple projects?

No. Organizations will only be funded for one project at a time in order to support as many organizations as possible. If organizations submit multiple applications, they will only be awarded up to one project.

What will ACTIF fund?

ACTIF will fund activities that contribute to one or more of the following intermediate outcomes or result areas.  The list below is meant to be representative and inclusive of various LGBTQ2I organizations in Canada and in the Global South, as well as the diversity of strategies employed to advance the human rights of LGBTQ2I people.

  • Protecting and supporting individuals  
  • Campaigning for acceptance  
  • Inclusive institutions and services 
  • Improving law and policy  

Can ACTIF provide further guidance or support to my organization as we prepare to apply?

ACTIF staff can answer questions for clarification and encourage you to ensure that your Organizational Profile and/or Proposal is as complete and clear as possible when submitted. 

ACTIF will also offer a webinar to support organizations with their application for Step 2 of the Call for Proposals. 

The Organizational Profile requires two references. What kind of references are needed and why?

In Step 1 (Organizational Profile), each organization is asked to provide contact information for two references. References do not need to be from registered organizations. They may be from local LGBTQ2I organizations, regional organizations or donors who can speak to the credibility of the organization.

What happens after Organizational Profiles are submitted?

If your profile successfully meets the eligibility requirements, you will be invited to participate in Step 2 of the process, the submission of a Project Proposal.

How will decisions about funding be made? Who makes these decisions?

ACTIF staff will assess the Organizational Profiles and make initial decisions with regards to eligibility. At the second stage, an independent Project Selection Committee, composed of international LGBTQ2I activists, will review proposals and decide which projects get funded. For more information about the Project Selection Committee and our participatory grant making model, visit Governance and Decision-Making.

When will decisions about funding be communicated? If approved, when can the project get started?

For this funding cycle, projects should begin between June and September 2024. 

Will feedback be provided to unsuccessful applicants?

ACTIF staff will be able to provide unsuccessful applicants with the reason they have not been selected for Step 1. ACTIF staff will also be able to share feedback from the Project Selection Committee regarding unsuccessful project proposals.

Can organizations make adjustments to the project activities and budget after the proposal is approved?

Yes, ACTIF aims to be as flexible as possible. Therefore, if an activity no longer serves the purpose of the project, it is possible to make adjustments. However, in order to respect the integrity of the participatory project selection process, major changes will need prior approvalAs each situation varies, partners must discuss adaptations with ACTIF in accordance with the grant agreement. 

Does my Canadian organization have to have prior experience working internationally with a Southern Partner?

TACTIF is meant to help strengthen and support Canadian LGBTQ2I led organizations in strengthening their relationships with LGBTQ2I CSOs in ODA eligible countries. ACTIF realizes that some organization have more modest experience working on international projects, and this call has been designed to provide greater support through the application processHowever, it should be noted that part of the criteria is an assessment of capacity to undertake this work, both in terms of financial or organizational capacity, but also in terms of applying an approach that will not do harm or reproduce unequal power relationships. 

What qualifies as LGBTQ2I-led and/or focused?

ACTIF prioritizes applications from LGBTQ2I-led and/or focused organizations. Our target is that within each call, a majority of projects funded be undertaken by both Canadian and international LGBTQ2I organizations. 

ACTIF recognizes that there is no single model or definition of LGBTQ2I-led or focused. In particular, ACTIF recognizes that there are many intersections between human rights work, HIV/AIDS work, feminist organizing and other subsectors.  Representation of LGBTQ2I people in the organization, involvement of the organization in LGBTQ2I-focused coalitions and networks, such as Dignity Network Canada, their track record of working on LGBTQ2I issues and with LGBTQ2I communities, and the extent to which organizations have demonstrated capacity to deliver meaningful results with their partners on advancing LGBTQ2I rights internationally, will all be considered.