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Call for Proposals

ACTIF welcomes proposals for projects from Canadian civil society organizations in partnership with organizations in the Global South that aim to advance the human rights of LGBTQ2I persons.

The second call for proposals will be launched in February 2022. More information to come.

The Act Together for Inclusion Fund launched its inaugural Call for Proposals and the Emerging Opportunities Fund in 2021! In this first Call for Proposals, organizations applied for funding between $200,000 CAD and $500,000 CAD. The duration of projects are between 12 to 36 months.

The first step of this call for proposals is a request for Organizational Profiles. This is an initial step to ensure organizations are eligible for funding before developing and submitting a full proposal. ACTIF encourages Canadian and Southern organizations working in partnerships to advance the rights of LGBTQ2I communities to apply. In particular, ACTIF is prioritizing the participation and leadership of two-spirit, trans and intersex people as well as bisexual, queer and lesbian women in its funding and governance. The first step of this call for proposal closed on March 26, 2021. 

The second step of this call for proposals is the Project Proposal Submission by the selected organizations before May 27, 2021. The Organizational Profiles, Project Proposal Forms and supporting documents will be shared with the Project Selection Committee.

How to apply?

Interested organizations submitted their organizational profiles for both Canadian and Southern partners here. To view the full list of questions of the Organizational Profile submission’s online form, you can download the Word document here. The deadline for Organizational Profiles was March 26, 2021. Organizations were notified of the status of their profile within two weeks following the deadline. The organizations’ profiles which successfully met the eligibility requirements, were invited to participate in step two of the process – the submission of a Project Proposal. For more information on the components of the project proposal form, please read the Guidelines for step 2.

For full details about this call, learn more from the Call for Proposals Guidelines or consult the FAQ below. ACTIF offered orientation webinars and a Q&A session to support organizations to learn about ACTIF and how to apply for the Call for Proposals.

Your organization would like to apply for the next call for proposals but you are unsure of its eligibility? Check out our Eligibility Questionnaire to assess whether you could apply.

Frequently Asked Questions
About the ACTIF Call for Proposals

Who is eligible to apply for ACTIF?

ACTIF will support projects designed and implemented by Canadian and Southern partnerships. Civil society organizations with a track record of working with LGBTQ2I CSOs and movements in ODA eligible countries (include link).

Please see the Call for Proposals for more information about the eligibility criteria:

  • Legal status and governance of Canadian and Southern applicants;
  • Capacity of Canadian organizations;
  • Credibility of Canadian organization and inclusiveness of the project;
  • Southern capacity and voice.

Who is not eligible for funding?

  • Canadian organizations applying to the Fund without a Southern partner;
  • Southern organizations applying directly to the Fund without a Canadian partner;
  • University, college, or other academic institutions;
  • Individuals

Can multiple Southern and/or Canadian organizations apply together?

Yes. Collaboration and consortiums are encouraged.

Many LGBTQ2I organizations, groups, and networks aren’t legally registered. Can unregistered organizations receive funding?

Lead Canadian and Southern organizations must be registered and listed in the organizational profiles. These organizations, acting as fiscal sponsors, can partner and share funding with local unregistered organizations.

Can an organization be funded by ACTIF for multiple projects?

No. Organizations will only be funded for one project at a time in order to support as many organizations as possible. If organizations submit multiple applications, as a lead organization or otherwise, they will only be awarded up to one project.

What will ACTIF fund?

ACTIF will fund activities that contribute to one or more of the following intermediate outcomes. Projects do not need to contribute to all intermediate objectives. Rather, the list is meant to be representative and inclusive of various LGBTQ2I organizations in Canada and in the Global South, as well as the diversity of strategies employed to advance the human rights of LGBTQ2I people. Organizations can adapt these outcomes to better respond to the priorities identified with their partners.  

  • Stronger and more resilient Southern LGBTQ2I organizations– Improved sustainability of local LGBTQ2I’s rights organizations in the Global South.
  • Stronger and greater reach of LGBTQ2I movements in the Global South.
  • Increased collective and self-care for LGBTQ2I activists and organizations, which in turn will strengthen movements.
  • Increased participation and leadership of trans, two-spirit, and/or intersex people, and/or bisexual, queer and lesbian women or targeted approaches addressing their needs.
  • Changing social norms or community acceptance on LGBTQ2I issues.
  • Increased advocacy, influence and allies with government and other sectors leading to change in policy or practice. 
  • Reduced discrimination and violence or increased mechanisms of prevention, protection and response to SOGIESC discrimination and violence. 
  • Increased economic opportunities and resilience and access to decent work for LGBTQ2I persons. 
  • Increased access to a full range of sexual and reproductive health services. 

What is not eligible for funding?

To be eligible for ACTIF, organizations must have a track-record of working on LGBTQ2I issues. ACTIF will prioritize funding for organizations and networks led by LGBTQ2I people who are committed to defending their communities’ rights.

How should the funding be shared between the Canadian partner(s) and Southern partner(s)?

ACTIF will prioritize projects where Southern organization(s) manage a significant amount of the budget.

Can ACTIF provide further guidance or support to my organization?

ACTIF will offer two orientation webinars and one Q&A session to support organizations to learn about ACTIF and how to apply for the Call for Proposals. Dates and registration details will be available shortly.

ACTIF is not able to provide individualized support to organizations during the call for proposals period or review process. We can answer questions for clarification and encourage you to ensure that your Organizational Profile and/or Proposal is as complete and clear as possible when submitted.

The Organizational Profile requires two references. What kind of references are needed and why?

The ACTIF Organizational Profile asks you to provide contact information for two references familiar with the Sothern lead partner(s). References do not need to be registered organizations. They may be LGBTQ2I organizations, regional organizations or donors who can speak to the credibility of the actor. References may be contacted in the event that your organization is called upon to submit a full proposal.

What happens after Organizational Profiles are submitted?

You will receive an email acknowledging receipt within 72 hours of submission. If you do not receive this acknowledgment, your submission was not received by the deadline. You will be notified about the status of your profile within two weeks following the deadline. If your profile successfully meets the eligibility requirements, you will be invited to participate in step two of the process – the submission of a Proposal.

How will decisions about funding be made? Who makes these decisions?

ACTIF staff will assess the Organizational Profiles and make initial decisions with regards to eligibility. At the second stage, an independent Project Selection Committee will review proposals and decide which projects get funded. For more information about the Project Selection Committee, visit Governance and Decision-Making.

How much funding is available and over what period of time?

An amount of $10,300,000 is available for disbursement to Canadian CSOs for projects to be implemented by January 31, 2027. There will be four calls for proposals in total. In addition to this call, there will be calls in 2022, 2023 and 2024.

When will decisions about funding be communicated? If approved, when can it get started?

Applicants will be informed about final selection of projects by email in June 2021. Once an organization is notified about the success of a proposal, a grant agreement process will take place and be finalized within four to eight weeks following approval. Once the grant agreement is signed, the project can begin.

Will feedback be provided to unsuccessful applicants?

Yes. ACTIF staff will provide unsuccessful Organizational Profiles with the reason for ineligibility. ACTIF staff will share feedback from the Project Selection Committee regarding unsuccessful proposals.  Unsuccessful organizations are encouraged to use the feedback provided by ACTIF to re-apply in future calls for proposals. The Fund also intends to work with LGBTQ2I organisations in preparation for the second call for proposals in 2022.

Can organizations make adjustments to the project activities and budget after the proposal is approval?

Yes, ACTIF aims to be as flexible as possible. Therefore, if an activity no longer serves the purpose of the project, it is possible to make adjustments. As each situation varies, partners must discuss adaptations with ACTIF in accordance with the grant agreement.

The Act Together for Inclusion Fund is funded by the
Government of Canada through Global Affairs Canada.