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Internationally – Act Together for Inclusion Fund

Around the world, people face human rights violations due to their sexual orientation or gender identity or expression. ACTIF supports projects that enhance the respect, protection and fulfillment of the human rights of LGBTQ2I persons globally.

What is ACTIF?

Learn more about the Act Together for Inclusion Fund, its guiding principles, and how it applies a participatory and feminist approach.

Call for Proposals

ACTIF has launched its inaugural Call for Proposals! ACTIF encourages Canadian and Southern organizations working in partnerships to advance the rights of LGBTQ2I communities to apply. Learn about eligibility requirements and how to submit an Organizational Profile. 

Governance and Decision-Making

ACTIF is guided by feminist and participatory approaches that shift the power of decision making to communities. As such, the Advisory Committees and Project Selection Committees are made up of individuals with lived experience, skills and expertise in LGBTQ2I-related international grant making.