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ACTIF Funded Projects: Together for Equality – Promoting social change for the recognition of LGBTQ2I rights in Honduras

Target country

  • Honduras

Project description

Lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, queer, two-spirited and intersex (LGBTQ2I) people in Honduras face various forms of discrimination and stigmatization, too often expressed through acts of violence and other forms of human rights violations. Unfortunately, these violations are rarely reported and therefore go largely unpunished.

To counter this injustice, important changes in attitudes in the different spheres of society are necessary, especially at the level of state actors. With this in mind, Lawyers Without Borders Canada (LWBC) and Centro para el Desarrollo y la Cooperación LGBTI – SOMOS CDC have agreed to join forces to develop the three-year project “Together for Equality: Promoting Social Change for the Recognition of LGBTQ2I Rights in Honduras”, which aims to promote public policies and regulations that are consistent with international human rights standards, through greater participation of strong, representative CSOs committed to promoting systemic change in favor of LGBTQ2I rights.

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To achieve these changes, the project works in three areas of intervention:

  1. Strengthening the management processes and capacities of the leaders and members of LGBTQ2I organizations, which will contribute to the consolidation and better representativeness of the organizations, which will be empowered to develop their mandates and respond to the needs of the community in all its diversity ;
  2. Strengthening the spaces of dialogue between LGBTQ2I organizations, in order to consolidate them as platforms of visibility and defense of the community and generators of public debate at the local and national level;
  3. Systematic use of the law, through strategic litigation and advocacy in national and international forums for the recognition of the rights of LGBTQ2I people, especially the recognition of the right to identity and marriage equality.