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Marcel Forget | Retired Senior Vice-President, Commercial Strategy, Air Canada

Pourquoi Equitas? On the Equitas Board of Directors, each member brings his or her own life experience, professional and academic background, dedication and passion for the cause of advancing human rights through education. The professionalism, diversity and open-mindedness of the members are a source of inspiration and motivation for me. During my career as a [...]

Remzi Cej | Director, Office of Immigration and Multiculturalism, Department of Immigration, Population Growth, and Skills, Government of Newfoundland and Labrador

Remzi Cej uses the pronouns he and him, and works with the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador. Remzi was also a founding member of the Bridge to the Rock group, a volunteer group based in St John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador supporting LGBTQ+refugees from around the world. Remzi is a former Chair of the Newfoundland and Labrador [...]

Marc Girard | Management Consultant

Marc Girard is a retired senior finance executive. Marc served as Executive Vice-President and Chief Financial Officer of Eacom Timber Corporation from 2011 to 2014. Prior to joining Eacom, he served as Senior Vice-President and Chief Financial Officer of SR Telecom, a TSX-listed company, and Vice-President and Chief Financial Officer of Aeroplan Income Fund, a [...]

Krista Pawley | Culture and Reputation Architect

Krista is the Founder of Imperative Impact, the co-Founder of Wavemakers and the co-Chair of IdentityNORTH. Systems change, inclusive governance models in the digital age, designing transformative learning journeys and digital ID for everyone. Catalyzing digital communities founded in diversity and belonging: Krista Pawley convenes the conversations that matter for communities across Canada and around [...]

Jillian Stirk | Former Ambassador and Assistant Deputy Minister, Global Affairs Canada

Jillian Stirk is a former Ambassador and Assistant Deputy Minister at Global Affairs Canada where she was responsible for strategic policy, global issues and European affairs. Over the course of her career, she has worked on a wide range of issues including security, peace support operations, human rights and democracy. In 2020, she led the [...]

Inez Jabalpurwala | Global Director VINEx – Viral Neuro Exploration and Founding CEO, Brain Canada

Inez has extensive experience leading cross-sector collaborations with organizations in health research, academia, and international development. She is currently Global Director of VINEx, a non-profit corporation initiated by Rocket Science Health, to understand how viruses and other global environmental phenomena may affect the central nervous system. She was the Founding President and CEO of the [...]

Erin Aylward | Gender and LGBTI rights Researcher, Practitioner

Why Equitas? I’m interested in supporting an organization whose people and values are inclusive, human rights-focused, and attentive to social justice and equity like Equitas. I enjoy interacting with Equitas’ accomplished and passionate partners around the world, and supporting Equitas in its efforts to render the development and human rights sector more inclusive and equitable [...]

Bushra Ebadi | Young Ambassador and Executive Member of the Canadian Commission, UNESCO

Bushra Ebadi is a social innovator, researcher, and strategist focused on mobilizing communities, knowledge, and resources to advance peace, justice, human rights, and the agency of marginalized communities globally. She is a Youth Ambassador for the UNESCO-led MIL Alliance Global Alliance and an Executive Member for the Canadian Commission for the UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural [...]

Beverly Salomon | Pharmacist-owner, Jean Coutu

Beverly Salomon has been a pharmacist-owner for 17 years after graduating in 2003 with a Bachelor of Pharmacy from the University of Montreal. She also began a graduate degree in management at HEC. Shortly after starting her career, she became the first black woman to own a Jean Coutu franchise and the youngest at the [...]