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ACTIF Funded Projects: Diverse Voices of the Maghreb

Project partners

Target countries

  • Tunisia
  • Morocco

Project description

Diverse voices of the Maghreb is a proposed project for two years and a half by Journalists for Human Rights and a tunisian organization. The proposed project aims at enhancing the respect for, and protection and fulfillment of the human rights of LGBTQ2I persons in the Maghreb region (in particular Tunisia and Morocco) through tackling discriminatory and exclusive public narratives on human rights issues related to LGBTQ2I persons in the targeted region.

The project will improve the performance of local media to increase and improve their coverage of human rights issues related to LGBTQ2I persons. These media outlets will also improve their internal processes to encourage the participation and promotion of LGBTQ2I persons in media sector.

Diverse Voices of the Maghreb - 2022

Trained journalists within the improved media outlets, referred to in this document as human rights journalists, will collaborate with LGBTQ2I organizations and activists to advance their media relations skills and practices through building their capacity and conduct media advocacy and raising awareness campaigns. Human rights defenders will be included in the project to support the efforts of both LGBTQ2I organizations and activists with human rights journalists to improve the public understanding of the issues and to productively engage allies within power structures to advocate for the improvement of human rights related to LGBTQ2I persons in the targeted countries