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ACTIF Funded projects: Building Durable Solutions for LGBTQI+ Refugees in the Global South

Project partners

  • Rainbow Railroad (Canada)
  • PASSOP (Kenya), Diálogo Diverso (Ecuador)
  • Access Chapter 2 (South Africa)
  • Al Otro Lado (Mexico)

Project description

LGBTQI+ individuals globally face extreme violence, discrimination and persecution, often causing them to flee for their lives.  Latin America and Southern/Eastern Africa are currently regions where LGBTQI+ persecution, coupled with geographic instability, has led to displacement and at times extremely dangerous environments for LGBTQI+ persons, and are areas of concern to Rainbow Railroad and its regional partners. Rainbow Railroad and local organizations in each of these regions are collaborating to address these situations and to create solutions to support individuals at risk.  Working together, Rainbow Railroad and its Global South partners will:

  • Strengthen Southern organizations’ internal capacity and advocacy abilities to support LGBTQI+ refugees while building their capacity to stand up for LGBTQI+ rights more broadly;
  • Enhance partnerships through greater regional and North-South collaboration;
  • Assist LGBTQI+ people in the Global South to access pathways to safety, and;
  • Improve LGBTQI+ access to programs and services protecting them from violence and discrimination.

As a result, this project will save lives, fortify local front-line organizations and strengthen the social movement of organizations dedicated to protecting and defending the rights of LGBTQI+ refugees.