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ACTIF Funded projects: Building Durable Solutions for LGBTQI+ Refugees in the Global South

Project partners Rainbow Railroad (Canada) PASSOP (Kenya), Diálogo Diverso (Ecuador) Access Chapter 2 (South Africa) Al Otro Lado (Mexico) Project description LGBTQI+ individuals globally face extreme violence, discrimination and persecution, often causing them to flee for their lives.  Latin America and Southern/Eastern Africa are currently regions where LGBTQI+ persecution, coupled with geographic instability, has led [...]

ACTIF Funded projects: TRANScendent opportunities

Project partners YMCA GTA (Canada) YMCA of Peru (Peru) TRANS - Organización por los Derechos Humanos de las personas Trans (Peru) Project description In Peru, the rights of trans people are not promoted nor guaranteed by public policies on diversity and social inclusión. Trans people face multiple vulnerabilities and situations of violence that leave no [...]