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Youth Rights in a Pandemic

Activities and ressources for exploring youth rights in a rapidly changing landscape. Also available in French.

Facilitating in a Virtual World

Here are Equitas’ top 10 online meeting facilitation tips. It aims to reflect on how you can make your meeting participatory and engage participants.

Children Rights Leadership Cards

A fun way for children to learn about their rights and take action to be leaders. The cards are a set of activity cards that were developed by hundreds of children from across Canada.

What is Fair?

This activity aims to think about what fairness is and identify things we can do to make sure all young people are treated fairly. Also available in French.

Speaking of Gender-Based Violence: 7 Tips on Discussing Sensitive Topics

As human rights educators, we have experience dealing with topics that are sensitive and difficult and which may sometimes be traumatizing for our participants. We often have to navigate the space between sensitizing others to difficult issues and making sure that they are not overwhelmed or impacted negatively by engaging with the issue.

National Child Day: Tree of Children’s Rights

This activity was created to celebrate National Child Day and support children in learning more about their rights and about the Convention on the Rights of the Child. Also available in French.

Gender Equality: Challenges and Strategies

This reference material identifies challenges related to gender equality faced by human rights educators and strategies to promote gender equality and women’s rights. Also available in French.