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Fatoumata Bouaré: Encouraging women and girls in Mali to pursue their studies

Fatoumata Bouaré: Encouraging women and girls in Mali to pursue their studies
She is the first woman in her community to obtain a master’s degree and has more than twenty years of experience in the defense of human rights. Today, she is a Socio-Anthropologist and the Gender Equality and Community Action Manager for Lawyers Without Borders in Bamako, capital city of Mali. She also proudly participated to [...]

The community strengths approach for promoting women’s engagement

This good practice, developed in collaboration with partners of the Rawabet Initiative in the Middle East and North Africa region, aims to integrate community members and actively involve them from the beginning to the end of the activities. To address the power imbalance, it is important that marginalized people, especially women, actively participate in the […]

Strategies to enhance participation of women and marginalized people

This good practice explores the creation of inclusive conditions for greater participation of women and traditionally marginalized people in human rights education activities. It proposes tangible measures to reduce barriers before, during and after a human rights education activity. Available in French.

Elsa Saade | Program Officer Urgent Action Fund for Women’s Human Rights

Elsa Saade (she/her) is a Lebanese cultural and social activist, aspiring historian, political artist and mobilizer. She currently works at Urgent Action Fund as Program Officer based in New York City. She has been involved in the field of philanthropy for the past few years after a decade of activism in the Middle East and [...]

Together, we can create a better world: Women’s leadership here and abroad

Ever since the pandemic began over a year and a half ago, more and more consideration has been given to the ways it has exacerbated social inequalities. Like all crises, whether related to health, climate or the economy, marginalized groups bear the brunt of their impacts, including women. Cases of intimate partner violence have risen [...]

Opening – Consultancy on development of a human rights education training manual and training agenda for a training to equip women’s rights groups to lead actions for the protection and realization of women’s rights in Algeria

Background Equitas has been working since 2006 in the Middle East and North Africa region in over 10 communities and with 10 local partners to increase respect for human rights, reduce conflict and promote gender equality and to identify emerging issues impacting marginalised groups (specifically women, youth and people living with disability), to develop innovative [...]

Anaraa Nyamdorj | Previous Director, Mongolian LGBT Center; Mongolian Women’s Fund

The late Anaraa Nyamdorj (he) was a queer, transgender human rights defender from Mongolia who has worked on LGBTI rights since 1997. Anaraa's human rights research, community-based participatory advocacy and community organising have been invaluable to push for the normalisation of the LGBTI rights discourse in Mongolia mainly through the LGBT Centre of Mongolia. Anaraa [...]

Defending the rights of people living with disabilities and women working in the agricultural sector in Tunisia

Since 2018, young Tunisians from Equitas’ Rawabet program have carried out a number of initiatives. In collaboration with our partner in Tunisia, the Centre Tunisien-Méditerranéen (TU-MED), and thanks to the financial support of Global Affairs Canada, several community action projects have been carried out in support of the rights of women working in the agricultural sector in Siliana to have access to social security coverage and for the right of access to employment […]

Confronting Patriarchy and Advocating for the Rights of Muslim Women in Uganda

Mwanga Mastullaah Ashah, Executive Director and Founder of Islamic Women’s Initiative for Justice, Law & Peace (IWILAP), is fighting tirelessly for the rights of Muslim women and to improve access to justice for the most vulnerable populations in Uganda. IWILAP works to confront the patriarchal laws and cultural traditions that disadvantage women in order to build a just and equitable society where [...]

Empowered Women Leading Change in Kenya: How Equitas’ partner organization WEL is Advancing Women’s Rights

At the forefront of the fight for gender equality and women’s empowerment in Nairobi, Kenya is Virginia Nduta, Executive Director of Women’s Empowerment Link (WEL). WEL is one of the implementing partners of the Advancing Equality through Human Rights Education in partnership with Equitas – a project that strives to increase women’s participation in local decision-making structures based on the [...]