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How to Dismantle Racism using a Human Rights-Based Approach

1. Recognize that racism is a lived experience Racism is the conscious or unconscious belief that certain people or groups are inherently superior to other people because they belong to a particular race. Although the concept of race has no scientific basis and is a social construct, racism and racist behaviors exist. Therefore, racism and [...]

5 tips for recognizing and dealing with online hate

1. Understand what online hate is According to the UN, online hate is defined as “any kind of communication in speech, writing or behavior, that attacks or uses pejorative or discriminatory language with reference to a person or a group on the basis of who they are, in other words, based on their religion, ethnicity, [...]

EquiTalks 2022 – Elevating the voices of humans at the heart of defending human rights

On March 22, more than 200 people from 47 different countries attended the EquiTalks – Heart, Humanity and Defending Human Rights panel discussion to listen to Mary Lawlor, the UN Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights defenders and other panelists. Participants shared that they were tuning in from places as far-ranging as Nepal, [...]

Tip Sheet on How Technology Can Support Democratic Participation and Human Rights

Mobilizing for political transformation requires engaged individuals and groups with the right tools to organize, participate, contribute, and hold their governments accountable. It is crucial for areas with constraints on platforms for action to be equipped with resources that can help better design and develop activities of community involvement, educational content, human rights trainings and [...]

Support Equitas in the 21k Montreal Charity Challenge!

For a third year in a row, Equitas is participating in the Montreal Charity Challenge on April 23 and 24 at Parc Jean Drapeau. Different charities participate as teams and each participant raises funds for the organization of their choice.  This year, Equitas is thrilled to be able to participate in the in-person event in [...]

Fyneface Dumnamene’s ‘Fynefaceism’: The Fight Against Injustices

Fyneface Dumnamene has been working in the human rights field for over 10 years. Growing up in the Kabangha community in Ogoni, of Rivers State, Nigeria, Fyneface witnessed both human rights injustices and human rights action. Joining Global Rights Connection – Equitas’ newest online human rights training program – was an opportunity Fyneface was motivated [...]

Miguel Romero’s journey: Promoting higher education in Colombia

Hailing from Valle del Cauca in Colombia, Miguel Romero is an eager participant of Global Rights Connection, Equitas’ new online human rights train program. He joined the program to bring a more global perspective to his work at Kids Lives Matter, an initiative that is funded by the University of Houston. While on a scholarship [...]

Together, we can create a better world: Women’s leadership here and abroad

Ever since the pandemic began over a year and a half ago, more and more consideration has been given to the ways it has exacerbated social inequalities. Like all crises, whether related to health, climate or the economy, marginalized groups bear the brunt of their impacts, including women. Cases of intimate partner violence have risen [...]

BC Youth Dialogue Series on Social Justice

How can we make British Columbia (BC)'s education system more racially just for all? We want to hear your amazing ideas, suggestions and opinions! You will join Equitas and the Honorable Jennifer Whiteside, Minister of Education for British Columbia, in dialogue to share your input or lived experiences of race, racism and racial justice in BC’s school (education) system.  Equitas is [...]