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ACTIF Funded projects: TRANScendent opportunities

Project partners

  • YMCA GTA (Canada)
  • YMCA of Peru (Peru)
  • TRANS – Organización por los Derechos Humanos de las personas Trans (Peru)

Project description

In Peru, the rights of trans people are not promoted nor guaranteed by public policies on diversity and social inclusión. Trans people face multiple vulnerabilities and situations of violence that leave no space for them to fulfill their vision for themselves or their communities. This project offers a pathway of two years to sustain the fight for the human rights of trans peoples in Peru, advocating for the Trans Integral Law.

TRANScendent opportunities project will work in three main areas to build capacity:

  1. Strengthening of TRANS Organizacion Feminista and its community bases in three localities in Peru – Lima, Sullana e Iquitos;
  2. Participation and leadership of trans peoples to claim and defend their rights,
  3. Entrepreneurship and the creation of an environment that promotes the access to decent work for trans peoples.

The development of these capacities will contribute real changes towards full respect, protection and realization of the human and socio-economic rights in the context of sexual diversity.