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Our team

“At Equitas, our values guide our work every day. I feel honored to lead such a talented team of engaged human rights changemakers.” — Ian Hamilton, Equitas Executive Director

Meet our team, passionately working for human rights and social justice!

The dynamic and actively involved team at Equitas shares a common vision of a world in which individuals and groups have the knowledge and skills to demand and defend their own rights and those of others. Human rights values are at the core of our organization and are a source of motivation for our team members, who integrate them into not just their practices but also their interactions with colleagues, interns, volunteers, program participants, partners, etc.

Over the last 50 years, Equitas has distinguished itself as a leader in human rights education in Canada and internationally, thanks to its talented team of human rights professionals who contribute to positive change in our communities.

Our human rights education team is distinguished by:

  • The cultural diversity of our members, who come from all corners of the globe.
  • Our recognized expertise in transformative human rights education programs.
  • The attitude of collaboration that imbues our organization and extends to our development of strategic partnerships with those who share our commitment to advancing human rights for all.
  •  Our willingness to always innovate and improve our tools and educational programs to stay at the forefront of human rights education.
  •  Our zero-tolerance policy towards any form of discrimination, whether it be based on race, religion, age, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, physical ability or social class.
  • Our participatory approach which fosters an inclusive climate, with free exchange of ideas and opinions.
  •  The confidence and mutual respect upon which our participatory approach is founded.
  • The commitment that motivates all members to strengthen the capabilities of our Canadian and international partners who work with groups facing discrimination, exclusion and other forms of human rights violations.

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