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Support human rights education by reading a book!

Buy the book, support Equitas!

As a former primary teacher, Kristin Butcher, the author of The Druid and the Dragon, believes that one is never too young or too old to make a difference in their community. Equitas’ work in Canada is all about children and youth creating change in their communities on issues that matter to them. With aligning perspectives, Equitas and Kristen Butcher decided to partner up through Butcher’s publishing company Crwth Press, to make a difference in children and youth lives. As a result, $5 of each book sold through the Crwth Press website between September 1 and October 31 will be donated to Equitas.

Equitas already has programs in place in Canada to encourage children and youth to create positive change in their communities, like through the Speaking Rights program. The funds raised will therefore help us to empower children and youth with knowledge and skills to take action to claim and defend their rights, and build more inclusive and rights-respecting communitiesEquitas encourages positive values in children and youth, such as non-discrimination, respect for diversity, gender equality and inclusion, which aligns perfectly with the values ​​that are put forward in the book.

Crwth Press is an independent publisher whose goal is to make the world better by providing children with books they will enjoy and that will also challenge them to think about the world they live in. Like Equitas, Crwth Press shares values ​​of inclusion and empowerment of children and youth through education. They seek to spread sustainable social and environmental values ​​and that is why the book is printed on 100% recycled paper.

About the book

The Druid and the Dragon is about Maeve, a young girl who doesn’t fit in and is unhappy in her life. She meets a Druid who reveals her hidden capabilities to her, encourages her to forge her own path in the world, and save her kingdom.

You can order the book here!