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October 2, 2013: Ford Foundation to support Equitas’ work in Egypt

Equitas has been keeping a close eye on the situation in Egypt since President Morsi was removed from Office on July 4th and is concerned by the level of violence and number of arrests by security forces during the subsequent crackdown.  These events have further polarized the country and appear to have rendered a democratic outcome for the 2011 Revolution more difficult to achieve.  The situation has become much more complex and the needs greater than ever. Civil society organizations, including Equitas’ Egyptian partners who opposed the anti-democratic ways of the Morsi government, are now wondering what will happen next with the return of the military. Equitas is very pleased, therefore, that the Ford Foundation in Cairo recently decided to invest in Equitas’ Mosharka project designed to support youth engagement in the reform process in Egypt and four other countries of the region.  This support will reinforce ongoing efforts in Egypt to create spaces for youth participation and equip young leaders with skills to engage in constructive dialogue and negotiation.   Youth have been active participants in the Revolution and their energy and ideas will be an important factor in determining whether the aspirations of ordinary Egyptians for peace, human rights, democracy and accountable governance will be met in the coming years.

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