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Do you need effective manuals and other education material to support your human rights work? Are you looking for tools and tips to take action in your community? Check out our Resources Library and learn new ways to educate about human rights!

Learn about our Resources Library

In this Library you will find an array of resources drawn from Equitas’ extensive practice in human rights education to support your work towards social change.  

In collaboration with our partners across the world, the resources included in this library aim to strengthen leadership for advancing human rights, with regards to gender equality and in community life; to strengthen human rights movements; and to improve the practice of human rights educators to engage and influence decision makers around human rights.  

These resources are at the core of our human rights education work. They are organized by language, thematic areas and resource type. We encourage you to use these resources, adapt and improve upon through your own practice, and share them out! 

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Happy 75th Birthday: Universal Declaration of Human Rights

To commemorate the 75th anniversary of the UDHR, Equitas’ Knowledge Management Team has created this booklet, where we use archival newspaper articles, interviews, speeches by and about John Peters Humphrey as well as his autobiography to simulate how he may have answered modern-day questions and clarified misconceptions about the UDHR. Also available in French.

Published in

  • English, French
  • Participation and community engagement
  • Reference materials

Elements of a Human Rights-Based Approach

This graphic summarizes the six elements composing a human rights-based approach, using the acronym PANEL as a reminder of the different elements. It also includes questions to ask ourselves to ensure each element is covered. Also available in French.

Published in

  • English, French
  • Methodology, Participation and community engagement
  • Reference materials

From Saturn to Jupiter

Activity to help foster respect for children’s rights and diversity by inciting children and youth to reflect on their peers’ similarities and differences. Also available in French.

Published in

  • English, French
  • Children and youth, Equity diversity and inclusion
  • Activities and workshops

A Snapshot of the Global SOGIESC Movement in Canada

Overview of Canadian organization’s involvement in transnational advocacy and in international spaces for LGBTQ2I people and communities rights. Also available in French.

Published in

  • English, French
  • 2SLGBTQI+, Gender equality
  • Articles and reports

To be a better ally

Tip sheet on how to be a better ally towards BIPOC folk and when engaging in the fight for racial justice. The document offers advice on how to educate yourself, how to become aware of your own privileges and unconscious biaises, and how to use your voice and activism to dismantle racist and oppressive spaces. Also available in French.

Published in

  • English, French
  • Equity diversity and inclusion
  • Reference materials