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June 21 2012: Youth use art to explore human rights issues

Congratulations to GCC La Violence’ team, a partner organisation working in Hochelaga-Maisonneuve, who implemented an artistic project with youth from Chomedey de Maisonneuve High School in Montreal. GCC La Violence recently received a $ 500 bursary from the Speaking Rights program to conceive and implement a youth engagement project. They choose art as a mean to engage and give voice to youth on themes related to human rights important to them. Bullying, sexual orientation, environment, racism: the youth created art pieces illustrating these themes, they discussed them with their community, denounced some of these issues, and promoted youth engagement. The Equitas team led some Speaking Rights activities with them in order to have them reflect on human rights values and the ways to put them into action. Here’s a link to an article (in French only) describing how a space was created for youth giving them an opportunity to speak about their issues. Read more

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