Our Team

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Margareta Agop Controller x236
Pego Brennan Executive Assistant x240
Annie Billington Communications Manager x247
Ian Hamilton Executive Director x234
Sawsan Kanhoush Programs and Fundraising Assistant x255
Rodrigue Koudoro Programs Administrator x277
Brigitte Malenfant Fund Development Manager x241
Carlos Ospina Assistant Accountant x231
Charles Saliba-Couture Project Officer – Communications x251
Amy Cooper Education Specialist x244
Heather deLagran Education Specialist x245
Valérie Féquière Education Specialist on leave
Cristina Galofre Education Specialist on leave
Adama Kaba Education Specialist x246
Hervé Boudou Education Specialist x237
Sarah Lusthaus Education Specialist x299
Vincenza Nazzari Director of Education x226
Daniel Roy Senior Education Specialist x227
Marcello Scarone Education Specialist x253
Jean-Sébastien Vallée Senior Education Specialist x238
Myriam Zaidi Education Specialist x254
Bing Arguelles Program Officer, Asia x230
Marie-Pierre Arseneault Program Officer, IHRTP x239
Nadjet Bouda Program Officer, Middle East & North Africa x274
Isabelle Bourgeois Program Officer, IHRTP x235
Chris Bradley Program Officer, East Africa x222
Anne-Sarah Côté Program Officer, Canada x250
Adriana Greenblatt Program Officer, Canada x242
Dimitrina Raby Program Officer,  West Africa x229
Gail Dalgleish Senior Program Officer,
Ariane Duplessis Program Officer, IHRTP x249
Natalie Doyle Senior Program Officer, West Africa x232
Ela Esra Gunad Regional Program Officer, British Columbia 604.876.4881
Frédéric Hareau Director of Programs x228
Julie Kon Kam King Associate Director of Programs, Canada x233
Rozlyn Jacques Program Officer, British Columbia on leave
Laura Martinez Lung Program Officer, Latin America x278
Ruth Morrison Program Officer, Canada x243
Nathalie Rodrigues Program Management Officer x271
Salta Sadykova Program Officer x224
Sandra Suasnabar Program Officer, British Columbia 604.876.4881
Élise Voyer Program Officer, Haiti x231
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