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Partner Fundraising Initiatives

Equitas is looking forward to partnering with companies or individuals that share our values and are committed to building more inclusive and more equitable communities. 

Looking for a way to support a cause that you care about?   

Why not donate a portion of the proceeds of an organized activity or a line to Equitas? Whether it’s contributing a portion of the profits of a line of clothing, or of a ticketed event, each dollar you raise will support human rights education in Canada and around the world.  

As Canada’s most active and recognized human rights education organization, Equitas is looking forward to working with companies or individuals that share the same values as us and that are committed to building more inclusive and more equitable communities.  

Globally and in Canada, Equitas works to advance equality, social justice and human dignity through transformative human rights education programs. We are a passionate team of human rights defenders working on many issues such as gender equality, racism, rights of LGBTQ2I communities, youth rights, and so many more.  

If you also want to start contributing to building more inclusive and rights-respecting communities get in touch with us!   

How to raise funds for Equitas:

  1. Contact us atcommunications@equitas.org.  

    Our team can help you refine your project with suggestions, visuals, and content to make your project meaningful and impactful to human rights education. We also review your project to make sure that the fundraising activity complements Equitas’ mission and to ensure we can enhance the visibility of your project.  

  2. Fill out the third-party agreement form.

    We’ll ask you a few simple questions on your project so that we can agree on a few points, like if and how to use our logo and which social pages to tag – and the same for you!  
    We love win-win partnerships: we can share your page and promote your project with our followers too. 

  3. Thank your partners, guests or clients.

    Thank them for contributing to human rights education and donating yours proceeds to Equitas to be a part of creating real and last change.

Previous Initiatives

Accedian, the leader in performance analytics and end user experience solutions launch their International Women’s Day 2023 eight-word story contest!. The goal of this contest was to embrace the theme of Equity. The winner was announced on social media on Monday, April 3rd and a $500 CAD donation to Equitas was made in their name.

Ron Gesser is a travel/documentary and portrait photographer. Ron Gesser Photography is hosting a world photographic cup celebration and debut exhibit for April 13th to April 15th. Ron Gesser will sell photographs at varied prices during the exhibit and will donate 15% of all sales to Equitas.

LOPEZ, a Montreal-based clothing store, has created a collection to promote human rights values and social activism. The T-shirts and shorts in the line feature words and sentences that encourage everyone to be activists in their community. All proceeds will go to Equitas. Learn more about the project here (article) and see the line here.

Apsara Esthétique is a beauty salon based in Terrebonne that shares Equitas’ values of equality and non-discrimination. For each crewneck sweater they sell, $10 is given to Equitas and $1 for each reusable canvas bag sold. See the clothing line on their website.

Mulgrave School in West Vancouver dedicated their Spirit Week to raise awareness on intersectionality and concluded their campaign by raising funds for Equitas. Click here to read more about their initiative.

The Deep Space is a community of open-minded people that gather monthly to have deep conversations about meaningful topics. On January 27, 2021, they held a conversation about fulfillment, and gave 20% of the proceeds of their ticket sales to Equitas.

Crwth Press, Kristen Butcher – a children’s author – and Equitas have partnered up to make a difference in the lives of children and youth in Canada. For every copy of the Druid and the Dragon sold through their website between September and December 2020, 5$ was donated to Equitas.