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December 5, 2012: Equitas’ annual fundraising campaign – Read Joséphine’s inspiring story

Our story begins in a garage in the outskirts of the capital city of Ouagadougou.  Running the garage is Joséphine Yameogo. Born in a small village into a very large extended family, in a society where “…girls were expected to serve the boys”, Joséphine has been fighting for equality her entire life. At the age of just one month, she was promised in marriage to a man over 40 years her senior.   When she turned 17, she was taken to meet her 60 year-old future husband. Understanding that marrying him would take away her own freedom, Joséphine did the unthinkable: she refused her family’s wishes, and instead married another man of her own choice. The consequences were grave. Joséphine was disowned, banished by her own family, unable to return to her village. However, Joséphine Yameogo is one extraordinary woman.  Facing tremendous opposition, and with limited resources and three small children at home, she continued to defy expectations, choosing to pursue her interests and a career, traditionally reserved for men.  She decided to train as a mechanic. Read more…

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