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Bushra Ebadi | Young Ambassador and Executive Member of the Canadian Commission, UNESCO

Bushra Ebadi

Bushra Ebadi (she/her) is a social innovator, researcher, and strategist focused on mobilizing communities, knowledge, and resources to advance peace, justice, human rights, and the agency of marginalized communities globally. She has worked with over a dozen organizations and individuals, including Amnesty International, the Independent Panel for Pandemic Preparedness and Response, UNICEF, the World Refugee Council, and UNESCO to transform systems as it relates to forced displacement, inclusive governance, global health, digital rights and justice, gender equity, youth engagement, and peacebuilding. Bushra holds a Master of Global Affairs from the University of Toronto and a Joint Honours BA in Political Science and Philosophy, with minors in French and Management from McGill University.

Why Equitas?

I’m excited to work with a community of people dedicated to advancing human rights and social justice. As a first-generation Afghan-Canadian and child of refugees I am keenly aware of the integral role education plays in shaping and transforming systems. Education has been used both as a tool for violence and oppression, and for liberation and justice both in what we currently call Canada and around the world. In order to fulfill the promise of education to realize more just, equitable, and peaceful communities we must ensure that systematically marginalized communities are meaningfully engaged and part of the spaces where decisions and policies are made.

I believe Equitas is in a unique position to support and mobilize diverse communities to advance justice, peace, and equity by addressing intersecting systems of oppression and discrimination. I am keen on driving solutions at a systems level, so that we are addressing the barriers and challenges preventing individuals from engaging with the organization and its mandate. I hope that by serving on the Board of Directors that I will be able to shape the strategic direction of the organization and co-create a vision for the future that is equitable, just, and prioritizes the agency of individuals and communities in exercising their inherent rights and power.