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Women’s rights in Tanzania: A look beyond the numbers

Montreal – In Tanzania, the proportion of women MPs in parliament increased from about 20% in 2000 to 40% in 2010. A surprising advance in the women rights field. But let’s us take a look beyond the numbers. According to Francesca Matay, Director of Tanzania Women of Impact Foundation (TAWIF), a local organization working on women’s rights in Tanzania, we must go beyond the numbers to understand the real situation of the women in her country. “I’m glad to see more women in parliament but unfortunately the vast majority of them came to parliament by nepotism. These figures do not reflect the situation of the Tanzanian women, “says Francesca. The concentration of work today is not to increase the number of women in politics but rather to empower women and empower them to ask themselves for their rights. “We must not do things for them,” said Francesca. Continued in French

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