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Human Rights Summer Camp

Montreal – In 1982, Abderrahmane participated in a youth camp in Morocco not quite like the other traditional ones. Since this unforgettable summer, he decided to work so that other Moroccan children could experience this life-changing experience. He became involved with the Moroccan Association for the Education of Youth (organizer of these youth camps) and later became the President of its branch in the city of Fess. For three weeks during the summer, these camps combine fun with education. Organized and animated 100% by volunteers, the activities of these camps are designed to encourage young people to take an interest in public life and especially in the management of local affairs. The activities also aim to educate young people indirectly on the respect of human rights, the basis of all democracy. Each summer, more than 500 young people benefit from these camps. This year, Abderrahmane decided to attend the IHRTP. He wanted to deepen his knowledge in human rights and learn if the activities of the camps are going in the right direction to achieve its goal: making young Moroccans active agents in their communities. In the second week of the training, he realized that the awareness raised through these camps is not sufficient. “Through the IHRTP, I realized it is time to measure the impact of our camps on youth behaviors and attitudes,” said Abderrahmane. “We did not do that before,” he adds. Equipped with new knowledge, Abderrahmane is returned home to begin the camps this summer. He promised to come back to Montreal to talk about the results of these very popular camps. But in the meantime, Equitas staff is preparing a trip to Morocco next November to train young leaders and give them the capacity to undertake community projects    

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