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Solange Musanganya | Co-coordinator, Queer African Youth Network (QAYN)

Solange (003)

Solange Musanganya (she/her) is a Rwandan-born African transwoman and feminist, Solange Musanganya’s activism took off in 2003 after a six-month trip to twelve African countries, from Dakar to Johannesburg. Back in Canada, she co-founded Arc-en-ciel d’Afrique in November 2004, the first Afro-queer organization in Canada. Later, she initiated the Massimadi festival which highlights films and documentaries dealing with LGBTQI issues in the Afro world.

She has collaborated with major organizations such as Egides, Equitas, Dignity Initiative, Maison de la Culture des Diversités Humaines, Rezo. And some media such as Jeune Afrique, Fugues, Radio Canada, TV5 Monde have been interested in her work by granting her programs or public interviews. She received the award of the personality par excellence in 2013 during the Gala Arc-en-ciel organized by the Conseil Québécois LGBT in front of dignitaries from Quebec and Canada, an award that followed the one received from Premier Jean Charest during the contest “je prend ma place” organized by the office of the Premier of Quebec.

She joins the QAYN team in 2019 as co-coordinator of this sub-regional feminist structure in French-speaking West Africa and Cameroon. She is co-leading the implementation of the organization’s second five-year strategic plan 2021-2025, and is involved in the creation of the Tassi Hangbè Interdisciplinary University, a three-week learning space for queer and allied people in Francophone Africa and Haiti. Its first edition took place in July 2022.

An international speaker, trans human rights expert, resource person, trainer and counselor, Solange is a humanist with a favorite pastime: traveling and writing about various topics in society.