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Genwa Genweten | LGBT MENA Officer, Hivos


Genwa Genweten (she/her) is a Lebanese sexual and bodily rights and freedoms activist working on Local, and regional levels. Being the first woman assigned as Executive Director of Helem Montreal, an organization promoting the rights of Arabic-speaking LGBTQ+ people. For four years, she led on the foundation of the Trans Committee and  Women’s Committee that brought queer feminist voices closer to the scope of Work. She led on an advocacy strategy  creating channels of communication both on grassroot root level and stakeholders’ level, resulting in reduction of state violations and on international recognition of sexual and bodily rights abuse under UN mechanisms processes. In addition, Genwa’s research work on digital security of queer dating applications has contributed to an in-depth understanding of these threats and in development of tools of response to them. Genwa brings over 10 years of experience in advocacy, strategy, governance and partnership. Living on the coastal cities of the Mediterranean, she finds ultimate joy in swimming and snorkeling.