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ScotiaBank Virtual Race – Over 350 km for human rights education!

After more than a year of working from home, Equitas was thrilled to offer an opportunity to staff and supporters to participate in a team-building activity that encouraged physical well-being, all while raising funds for human rights education as a team.

For this year’s ScotiaBank race, we were privileged to count not only on 21 staff, board members and friends and family, but also on the support of a new corporate partner, Accedian, a Montreal-based leader in performance analytics and end user experience solutions. With teams all over the world, Accedian recruited 16 employees to participate.

They ran in Singapore, Sydney, Shenzhen, Stockholm, Ipswich, Marseille, Mexico City, Bogota, and Montreal, raising close to $5,000 in total for Equitas!

Runners from Accedian’s team in Canada.

Along with the $5,000 raised by Equitas’ 21 participants, over $10,000 was raised to support human rights education with donations received from over 150 people in Canada and around the world!

The new partnership with Accedian also provided an opportunity for Equitas to share some human rights education expertise with a socially-conscious company, whose employees care deeply about human rights values, such as non-discrimination and inclusion.

Accedian runners from all over the world got the opportunity to learn more about human rights as well as Equitas’ work, to better equip them to contribute to protecting human rights in their everyday lives.

A big and heartfelt THANK YOU to all the participants and donors that supported our teams. We are privileged to count on your support in these difficult times for human rights.

More than a year later, it is clear that every community in the world is facing the repercussions brought on by the pandemic. While this unprecedented crisis offers a new reality that everyone is adapting to, some communities are and will continue to be more affected than others in the years to come.

Equitas’ work has hence become more essential than ever. By participating and raising funds for Equitas, our supporters are helping us to provide knowledge and tools that aim to increase the empowerment of vulnerable groups, and to strengthen their leadership so that they may better protect and claim their rights.

With the funds raised, Equitas will continue to offer human rights education training, as well as reinforce our capacity to continually adapt initiatives that create a lasting impact in communities here in Canada, and all over the world. Whether these projects involve youth, focus on the advancement of gender equality, or the protection of LGBTQ2I rights, Equitas and our partners contribute to empowering human rights defenders to build more inclusive and rights-respecting communities.

Thanks again to all our human rights education supporters, and see you in 2022!

Here are some pictures of Equitas staff, family and friends who supported and participated in the race: