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Play it Fair! Training in Tunisia

May 22, 2015 Equitas staff have just wrapped up a 3-day training session on the use of the Play it Fair! toolkit in Tunis. During the 3-day session, organized in partnership with AFTURD (Association des femmes Tunisiennes pour la Recherche sur le Développement), 23 youth leaders explored human rights values identified in the Play It Fair! toolkit that are essential to the promotion of human rights and strengthened their skills in developing and delivering non-formal human rights education programs aimed at children. The 23 participants attending the workshop are all youth leaders from Egypt, Morocco and Tunisia who are involved in the implementation of youth initiatives as part of Equitas’ Mosharka project. See/read local coverage: May 22, 2015: Play it Fair! training in Tunisia. La Presse de Tunisie May 22, 2015: Play it Fair! training in Tunisia. Radio Web La Tunisienne The Mosharka (which means participation in Arabic) project builds on the vital role played by youth in the Middle East and North Africa and is helping youth to become more efficient and active participants in the advancement of democracy, equality and fundamental rights and freedoms in their societies. The project helps youth understand and use human rights approaches to promote equality, diversity, non-discrimination and access to justice for young people. Mosharka is working with youth in Egypt, Jordan, Morocco, Tunisia and Yemen. Through training and action-oriented activities involving at least 200 youth per country, the Mosharka Project is working towards developing a common and inclusive regional agenda for youth.  

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