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Pia Marin raises funds for Equitas for her birthday

For her birthday this year, Pia Marin decided she didn’t want to receive any more material items, so instead of birthday gifts, she is asking her friends and family to make donations to Equitas, so that other women and children can be provided with the opportunities that she has been granted.

Pia chose Equitas as an organization to raise funds for because she believes that education is the best way to combat human rights violations. Equitas works for the advancement of equality, social justice, and respect for human dignity through transformative education programs. As Pia has has stated many a times, she thinks that the right educational programs can bring the global community closer to one united human front, that is just for all.

“Investing in human rights education is investing in building more inclusive, more equitable, and more peaceful communities”.

Pia’s parents provided her with the opportunity to have an amazing humanitarian education, as she describes it. She strongly believes all humans should have the opportunities she has had and that is why she decided to donate to Equitas.

“Please help me in helping Equitas make the world a better, more peaceful place. Thank you!”