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Our work in Tanzania focuses on addressing sexual violence against women and children in communities of the Kilimanjaro and Arusha Regions by reinforcing the knowledge and skills of local organizations and key actors to take action and foster change.

Advancing Equality Through Human Rights Education in Tanzania

The situation today

In Tanzania, many efforts are being made to protect people’s basic human rights. Yet inequalities exist, especially for women and girls. Examples of current challenges include:

  • Sexual violence against women and children remains prevalent
  • Pregnant girls and young mothers are often denied an education
  • Women are usually not involved in decision making regarding household income

    goal for tomorrow


Increased empowerment of women and girls to advance gender equality in their communities. This will be possible by: 

  • Strengthening leadership for women and men to mobilize their communities
  • Enhancing collaboration among women’s and human rights groups
  • Improving efforts of women’s organizations to engage with decision-makers


The project adopts a participatory approach to advance gender equality through the following activities: 

  • Capacity-building opportunities  
  • Community initiatives, forums, dialogues 
  • Support to networks and coalitions 
  • Awareness-raising campaigns 
  • Trainings on decision-makers engagement 

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Learn more about our work in Tanzania

The Advancing Equality through Human Rights Education Project takes into account the voices and experiences of community members in the planning, implementation and evaluation of project activities.  

Accordinglyin the initial phase of the project, community members were consulted through a baseline study conducted in 2019 by Equitas and local partners. Participants outlined the most pressing gender equality issues in their communities. The findings of the study were subsequently shared back to the communities and validated by them as truly reflecting the issues they had raised.  

Learn more about the study by clicking on the poster shown below.  

Our partners

Equitas works in Tanzania with Tusonge Community Development Organization.

Our work in Tanzania is part of Advancing Equality Through Human Rights Education project, funded by the Government of Canada through Global Affairs Canada (GAC).


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Program Officer, Equitas
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