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March 25, 2012: 2nd Annual Human Rights Training Session in Ukraine

The 2nd annual Regional International Human Rights Training Session(IHRTS) started on Sunday, March 25 and will run until April 6. The IHRTS, which will take place in Chernihiv, Ukraine, is based on the International HRTP and will be held in Russian. It has been developed and will be implemented by a very dedicated group of IHRTP alumni coming from countries which were formerly part of the Soviet Union. We are welcoming 24 participants coming from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Ukraine. There has been a huge amount of work which has gone into the realization of this project and we would like to thank all who have been involved with the development of this training as they have done a remarkable job. All six of the facilitators have worked on the development of the IHRTS Program and are all alumni of both the IHRTP and our Regional ToT Program.   Thank you to our local partner, the Ukrainian Centre for Common Ground (UCCG) for the logistical arrangements. We are also fortunate that the President of UCCG, Roman Koval, has been facilitating at the IHRTP for the last 9 years and knows the program so well. He will be leading the Facilitation team for the duration of the program.

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