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Fundraising and Human Rights

Fundraising is a funny profession.  Most people don’t say, when they are 5 years old, “I want to be a professional fundraiser when I grow up!”.  Most of us have simply fallen into this profession.  And some of us – like myself – are really lucky. I have been working at Equitas for over 6 years now and I have to say, it’s the best job I have ever had.  Not only do I believe strongly in the work that we do, but I love the people I do it with.  I am certainly blessed.

Two long-time Equitas donors

Lots of people ask me “How can you stand asking people for money?”  Well, to be honest, it’s not an easy thing.  But fundraising is not about asking for a handout.  Fundraising is all about relationships, It’s about meeting people who are interested in what we do and showing them how they can make a super huge difference in our work by choosing to support it.  I once read that fundraisers don’t ask for money; rather by showing people what a difference they can make in the world, fundraisers make people’s dreams come true. I like that! Last night Equitas invited some of its most committed supporters to an intimate cocktail to thank them for their extraordinary commitment to our work.  These are people who have made major commitments to Equitas.  This includes companies like AIMIA and TD Bank, as well as individuals who have made large financial gifts, and people who are making monthly gifts, and people who have worked hard to get their companies or corporations to support us.  Two participants from the International Human Rights Training Program came to talk about their experiences and work, giving our guests a personal and first-hand account of what they are so generously supporting. Events like this are the favourite part of my job because I get to interact with our donors and supporters.  They are just incredible people, and so important to us.  Without them, Equitas wouldn’t be in a position to do the vital work it does.  Our partners and participants wouldn’t be able to learn the valuable techniques that help them make such incredible change in their communities. I feel very fortunate that I get to connect human rights workers with people who want to support human rights.  I feel like my work as a fundraiser makes everyone’s dreams come true – our donors and supporters who want to see the world change, and our partners who, thanks to our donors, are working on the ground changing the world!  By Ronit Yarosky, Fund Development Officer at Equitas

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