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Support gender equality in Burkina Faso

Equitas has partnered with Montreal-based designer  Frank And Oak to  promote gender equality  for more  inclusive communities. Certified B Corporation, Frank And Oak are committed to addressing social and environmental challenges in order to be a socially responsible company. For Frank And Oak  co-founders,  Ethan Song and Hicham Ratnani, both first- and second-generation immigrants, values ​​of inclusion, equality and sustainability have always been important, as they are for Equitas. 

In countries such as Burkina Faso, Equitas  works with  local partners  to  support women’s empowerment and their efforts to advance gender equality. 


When  women are empowered, they drive change. Change means:  

  • Less gender-based violence –rather than  12% of women facing  intimate partner violence 
  • More girls  in school – rather than  52% of girls married as children 
  • More women  in leadership positions – rather than  under 10% of women  elected to office 
  • All women  making their own choices about their bodies – rather than  76% of women and girls undergoing female genital mutilation 


Help to amplify women’s voices as they:  

  • Advocate for policy change with government 
  • Create public awareness campaigns, through radio or popular theatre 
  • Engage with authorities, like police officers or local chiefs  
  • Work together to solidify movements for social change  


We believe that when women are empowered, their voices are heard and the issues they face are brought to light.    


Josephine’s story is a good example of how empowerment can change a woman’s life. At age 17, Josephine refused to marry the 60-year old  man  she was promised to and was banished from her family and village. Defying expectations, she trained as a mechanic, a career traditionally reserved for men, and became the first woman in Burkina Faso to own a garage. Supported and trained by Equitas, she now leads a group  that  helps  women from poor neighbourhoods gain access to non-traditional trades and better understand their rights. She works to dismantle stereotypes, to change men’s attitudes towards women, and to increase their willingness to allow their wives and daughters to attend trade schools.  


Support women like Josephine raise awareness about the discriminatory sexual division of labour in the country.  

  • Help amplify women’s voices in Burkina Faso  to  advance  equality. 
  • Support  women’s leadership and participation  in decision-making.  
  • Help women  claim their basic human  rights, such as the right to live without violence. 


Donate now to support women’s empowerment and gender equality in Burkina Faso.