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Equitas’ Mosharka Program on Jordanian National Television

August 21, 2014

The Jordanian National TV network dedicated a quarter of an hour of its programming to Mosharka, Equitas’ human rights education program in the Middle East and North Africa.

Tasneem Al-Homouze from the Arab Network for Civic Education, Equitas’ partner in Jordan, along with two of the projects’ young leaders Samah Abdelaziz and Ahmad Yaghi, were interviewed for the show  A New Day (Youm djadid).

They explained the objective of the Mosharka project and its impact on the participating youth. They also shared their experiences working with the other youth in the city of Madaba, where a youth human rights project entitled ‘Madaba in the eyes of its youth’ is being implemented.

“We met youth who had no knowledge of how to engage and participate in community initiatives, they did not know what a civil society organization (CSO) was or what its role is. Through the ‘Madaba in the eyes of its youth’ initiative, we have been able to create bridges between those youths and CSOs and we can now defend our rights in an effective and more positive way”, said Samah Abdelaziz.

Mosharka, meaning “participation” in Arabic, is a project designed to strengthen the capacity of youth to take leadership and engage with local leaders and decision-makers as well as national authorities to promote fulfillment of their rights and greater social and economic development. It is being implemented in Jordan, Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia and Yemen and is financially supported by the European Union’s Instrument for Democracy and Human Rights and by the Ford Foundation in Egypt.

Visit Mosharka’s website (in arabic): http://www.mosharka.net/page-310.html

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