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Equitas is partnering up with Aeroplan for a second consecutive year!

End of Matching Week

Thank you to all supporters of Equitas!

The Aeroplan matching week has ended on September 18 with more than 100 000 points donated by Equitas supporters! Aeroplan will therefore match all points donated within September 12 and 18.

Your support helps us raise more awareness on the importance of acting together as changemakers and work on a positive social change. You also directly contribute to human rights education for all!

Despite the end of the Aeroplan Matching Week, you can still donate your points to Equitas at any time!

What is Aeroplan?

Aeroplan is the loyalty rewards and recognition program operated by Air Canada that allows to accumulate Aeroplan points and then redeem these points for travel, merchandise and other rewards.

A different way to contribute to Human Rights education!

With our Aeroplan matching week, if you donate your points to Equitas from September 12 to 18, Aeroplan will match all donated miles! 

Last year, over 500,000 points were donated by Equitas’ supporters which allowed us to accumulate up to 1 million points! 

Why donate your points to Equitas?

By donating your points to Equitas, you’re directly impacting the reduction of the cost of traveling for the organisation and allowing more collaboration between staff and partners

>> When real collaboration happens, greater opportunities are open for the communities we work with including women, children and youth.

By donating your points to Equitas, you’re participating in raising awareness on the importance of human rights education and its impact.

>> When you donate, you are acting as a changemaker and participating in positive social change.

By donating your points to Equitas, you’re helping to empower individuals to understand their rights, claim them and to take action to build safer and more inclusive communities.

>> When we all contribute in different ways, we’re working together towards fulfilling Equitas mission: More human rights education for all.

Donate your points and help us reach our goal for another successful matching week and contribute to Equitas’ mission of human rights education! 

Log in to your Aeroplan account and go to Equitas’s Aeroplan page to donate your points