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BC Youth Dialogue Series on Social Justice

How can we make British Columbia (BC)’s education system more racially just for all? We want to hear your amazing ideas, suggestions and opinions!

You will join Equitas and the Honorable Jennifer Whiteside, Minister of Education for British Columbia, in dialogue to share your input or lived experiences of race, racism and racial justice in BC’s school (education) system. 

Equitas is thrilled to be facilitating this opportunity for students to engage directly with the Minister of Education Student participants will have the opportunity to share their suggestions and opinions on how to make the BC Education system more racially just for all.    

Are YOU passionate about social justice? Why does racial justice matter to YOU?  

  • Who: Students in grades 7-12 across BC!
  • What: You will participate in 3-4 sessions with the Minister and have the opportunity to receive additional coaching and training from Equitas and our partners. Your total commitment over the year will be 20 hours.
  • You will be compensated for your time and knowledge.
  • No experience necessary!
  • Your participation in this work is not based on your academic or attendance record.

Submit your expression of interest (tell us why you would like to participate) or nominate a student you know to participate in the Youth Dialogue Series on Social Justice today!  

Submit your expression of interest using ANY FORMAT you want. Some suggestions include: 

  • Using this form to answer the questions
  • Video or audio application
  • Digital story board
  • Photo/art project/collage

Please answer the following questions in your expression to participate: 

  1. Name: 
  2. Email: 
  3. Phone: 
  4. Gender (Identity): 
  5. School: 
  6. City: 
  7. Grade: 
  8. Do you identify as BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, or a Person of Colour) or as an Ally? 
  9. Why do you want to join the Minister of Education’s Youth Dialogue Series on Social Justice 
  10. Why does racial justice matter to you? 

Optional: Did anyone help you with your expression to participate?  

To submit digital expressions, you can either upload them to Dropbox or email us. If you have any questions call or text us at (604) 876-4881 or email bcoffice@equitas.org 

Submissions by: December 6, 2021