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Defending the rights of people living with disabilities and women working in the agricultural sector in Tunisia

Since 2018, young Tunisians from Equitas’ Rawabet program have carried out a number of initiatives. In collaboration with our partner in Tunisia, the Centre Tunisien-Méditerranéen (TU-MED), and thanks to the financial support of Global Affairs Canada, several community action projects have been carried out in support of the rights of women working in the agricultural sector in Siliana to have access to social security coverage and for the right of access to employment […]

Confronting Patriarchy and Advocating for the Rights of Muslim Women in Uganda

Mwanga Mastullaah Ashah, Executive Director and Founder of Islamic Women’s Initiative for Justice, Law & Peace (IWILAP), is fighting tirelessly for the rights of Muslim women and to improve access to justice for the most vulnerable populations in Uganda. IWILAP works to confront the patriarchal laws and cultural traditions that disadvantage women in order to build a just and equitable society where [...]

Empowered Women Leading Change in Kenya: How Equitas’ partner organization WEL is Advancing Women’s Rights

At the forefront of the fight for gender equality and women’s empowerment in Nairobi, Kenya is Virginia Nduta, Executive Director of Women’s Empowerment Link (WEL). WEL is one of the implementing partners of the Advancing Equality through Human Rights Education in partnership with Equitas – a project that strives to increase women’s participation in local decision-making structures based on the [...]

Soinette Désir, International Human Rights Training Program Co-Facilitator and Past Participant Advocates for Women and Girls with Disabilities in Haiti

  For over 10 years, Soinette Désir has been working to increase visibility and demand basic human rights for women living with a disability in Haiti through the nonprofit organization l’Union des femmes à mobilité reduite en Haiti (UFMORH) (Union for Women with Reduced Mobility in Haiti).   Her inspiration comes from a place of personal […]

Important Milestones for Women Since the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

    Seventy years ago, in 1948, the United Nations proclaimed the Universal Declaration of Human Rights – a document that contains 30 articles of rights that promote human dignity, equality and serve to end discrimination in all forms. The document was collectively drafted by people all over the world, one of which being Equitas co-founder, […]

Standing up for the Rights of Women, Girls and Religious Minorities in Pakistan

ASAMA JAHANGIR – Pakistan. Asma Jahangir has been a prominent human rights lawyer and activist in Pakistan for the last 40 years. She learned the importance of freedom of expression early on in life, as her father was a political prisoner. When she began practicing law in early 1980, there were few women in court and there were no women judges on the bench.

Reinforcing the Law to Protect Women Migrant Workers in Southeast Asia 

AMPARITA STA. MARIA – Philippines   This story is part of the series We are human rights changemakers to celebrate Equitas’ 50th anniversary. All through 2017, we invite you to discover stories of 50 inspiring human rights changemakers. These are but a few of the hundreds who have changed lives around the world through human […]

Salie Thiam, women’s rights changemaker, receives Ruth Selwyn bursary

Salie Thiam, the 2017 recipient of the Ruth Selwyn bursary at the Equitas International human rights training program in Montreal, Canada

Salie Thiam in Montreal, Canada (June 2017)   Every year, Equitas – in collaboration with Global Affairs Canada – offers the prestigious Ruth Selwyn bursary to one of 100 participants attending its International human rights training program (IHRTP). This bursary recognizes the participant’s work in the promotion and protection of women’s rights. The bursary honours Ruth […]

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