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Global Rights Connection

An online, participatory and transformative training for human rights educators around the world: the Global Rights Connection training program is not an ordinary online course.

Global Rights Connection is an innovative human rights training program offered entirely online. The first edition will take place from October to December 2021. The 10-week Global Rights Connection training program is no ordinary online course. It’s a collaborative community wherein participants connect with human rights defenders from around the world, and leave with a unique certification in human rights education!

Global Rights Connection is a virtual, participatory and transformative training for human rights educators around the world. It aims to build the capacity of participants to carry out human rights education activities using approaches that promote positive social change. 

The program is a unique opportunity for human rights educators to acquire practical tools to improve the effectiveness and impact of their work while deepening their understanding of human rights. 


‘‘We are proud and excited to launch a new, innovative and participatory all online programming for human rights educators. The COVID-19 pandemic is having a devastating impact on human rights, underscoring the importance of Equitas’ work alongside and in support of leaders of change across the world.’’

– Odette McCarthy, Executive Director at Equitas

Global Rights Connection: Curriculum and format

The 10 week training program, with a total duration of 60 hours, consists of 10  learning modules, structured in 3 pillars: 

1. Fundamentals of human rights: concepts, values, debates

2. Key approaches and methodologies in human rights education 

3. Taking action: from theory to practice

In a transversal way, the training emphasizes gender equality and gender perspective. 

Each weekly learning module includes a part of asynchronous individual work, as well as a part of synchronous work in small and large groups. Each working group is accompanied by a duo of experienced facilitators who adhere to the participatory approach that is at the centre of the program. 

 → To learn more about the training program, please consult the information document and the Frequently asked questions.

Who can apply?

Global Rights Connection is for representatives of civil society organizations, national human rights institutions and government agencies that hold human rights education training activities. Individuals submitting an application must be in a position to influence the human rights education activities of their organization. The participants organization must agree to make time available to participate in the training, as well as commit to facilitating the transfer and implementation of the knowledge and approaches acquired by the individual who participated in the training. To find out more about the detailed criteria of the profile sought, visit our Frequently Asked Questions

***Please note that for its first edition, the opportunity to apply to Global Rights Connection is reserved for those who were accepted into the 2020 International Human Rights Training Program, which did not take place due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  

6 key elements of Global Rights Connection

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From education to action

Throughout the training, as participants acquire new knowledge, they actively reflect on the implementation of this knowledge in their own work context. They develop an action plan that they will put into practice in their organization through activities such as training, awareness campaigns, evaluations and follow-ups. During the program, group activities and personalized coaching sessions are offered to establish this indispensable link between theory and action.

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Through its selection process, Equitas ensures that it fosters broad diversity amongst participants, which undoubtedly contributes to the transformative and participatory nature of the training. The professional experience of the participants, their backgrounds from various regions of the world, the work of their organizations, and their various identities all contribute to this extraordinary diversity that benefits everyone in the training.

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Global Rights Connection is an opportunity for participants to meet other committed individuals who, like them, are working for change in their communities. By taking part in the training, the participants become members of an online community of practice allowing them to network with former program participants and experts and to share tools and resources.

Participatory approach

Global Rights Connection is an immersion into the participatory approach. The participants are at the heart of the process. They analyze their work and create new strategies for action based on their own experiences. Hence, diversity in group composition is fundamental as the participants’ professional experience, varied backgrounds and identities all contribute to the richness of the program. 

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Since in-person trainings cannot take place due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Global Rights Connection is an opportunity to innovate and experiment with virtual activities that can be replicated by participants. Through accessible technological tools, the training offers practical activities such as simulations, case studies, participatory games, exchanges and spaces for critical reflection, special events with renowned guests and informal and festive moments. The training is therefore dynamic and conducive to the development of human contacts.

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Professional development

In addition to a participatory approach, the program familiarizes participants with a human rights-based approach, a gender perspective and a systems approach. The participants acquire and develop tools for improving the effectiveness and the concrete impact of their work. Global Rights Connection helps participants transform their working methods by making them more inclusive and participatory.

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Safe and inclusive spaces

Equitas aims at creating an online space that is inclusive, welcoming and safe for human rights educators. To this end, various measures are being adopted through Global Rights Connection: 

  • Implementation of digital security measures for human rights educators and initial training to understand digital security issues and how to deal with digital risks. 
  • Designation of an Ombudsperson to receive and deal with any complaints or incidents of discrimination that arise during the program. This measure aims to ensure that discrimination on the basis of gender identity or expression, ethnic origin, religious affiliation or other criteria can be denounced confidentially and dealt with in a constructive and restorative manner.
  • Creating informal moments for participants to share their impressions of the program, build relationships outside of formal learning activities, and share their reflections, challenges and successes.

Participation fees

The participation fee is $2,300 CAD.

This amount covers all registration and tuition fees (access to online learning platforms, teaching materials, coaching provided by the facilitation team, access to special events, etc.).

**Partial and full bursaries may be available**


First, consult the Frequently Asked Questions page.

If you cannot find an answer there, you can contact us at pifdh-ihrtp@equitas.org

Our partners

Global Rights Connection is undertaken with the financial support of
the Government of Canada through Global Affairs Canada.