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September 29, 2010: Annual Donor and Volunteer Recognition Cocktail

On September 29, 2010 some 80 donors, volunteers and members of Equitas staff gathered at the beautiful Avmor Gallery in Old Montréal for our annual Donor and Volunteer Recognition cocktail.The event was an opportunity for Equitas’ most valued asset – our donors and volunteers – to enjoy a night out at a beautiful venue, to get to know each other and to hear about how their support is helping human rights defenders and educators in Canada and around the world.

Executive Director Ian Hamilton and Board Member Robert Gervais thanked all of Equitas’ donors and volunteers for their generosity and tremendous support. “Your contributions of time and of money allow us to offer innovative education programs at home and around the world that are making a real difference in advancing equality, social justice and respect for human dignity,” said Ian Hamilton.

Your donations are having a significant impact on the lives of others and there is a multitude of wonderful stories being created thanks to your generosity. THANK YOU. It is thanks to you that we can work to create positive change in the world. We hope you will continue to join us in changing lives and building a global culture of human rights.

Thank you to all the volunteers who so generously donated their time in 2010: Iris Almeida • Rouba Al-Saleem • Viet Anh Vo • Marie-Pierre Arseneault • Francis Assonfac-Zangue • Alusine Bah • André Beaulieu • Katherine Begg • Lilia Benaïssa • Lynn Bessoudo • Paméla Blais • Thérèse Bouchard • Isabelle Bourgeois • Eric Bretsen • Pacita Candelario • Gurveen Chadha • Michael Cooper • Corey Copeland • Michel de Salaberry • Bechir Djaby • Caroline Donohue • Nikol Drouin • Emilie Dumas • Marie-Claire Dumas • Émilie Dutil-Bruneau • Melissa Figlarz • Jean-François Forget • Laura Galeotti • George Gao De Zhong • Robert Gervais • Sébastien Gignac • Danielle Grenier • Dana Hearne • Deborah Hinton • Caroline Iliescu • Greg Isenberg • Inez Jabalpurwala • Jameel Jaffer • Katie Jager • Yan Jobin • Sarah Keigher• Oleg Krichevsky • Yves Lafontaine • Pinky Langart • Philippe LeBlanc •Viviane Lentz • Cindy Lipomanis • Emma Lyons • Sara Maranda-Gauvin • Megan Martin • Rafael Mayor-Mora • Geoffrey McDade • Jean-Marc Métivier • Teresa Merz • Nicole Morin • Sara Nagalingam • Denny Lucky Nalley • Rabab Naqvi • Loum Ndiaga • Louise Otis • Lexi Pace • Martine Paroyan • Ligia Pena • Ivan Presser • Leslie Quinton • Rosalind Raddatz • Deon Ramgoolam • Margot Rothman • Stanley Schmidt • F. Leslie Seidle • Ruth Selwyn • Colleen Sheppard • Michelle Sullivan • Moriba Touré • Geneviève Trépanier • Legrand Wamba • O. Andrew F. Wilson • Robert B. Wright • Robert Yalden & Pearl Eliadis  For more information on Equitas or to make a donation, please contact Ronit Yarosky, Fund Development Officer, at 514-954-0382 ext 241 or ryarosky@equitas.org. You can also donate online here.

Special thanks to Mr. Avrum Morrow and the Avmor Gallery for generously providing the venue for this evening

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