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Opening – Developing Guidelines and Tools to Assess and Manage Security Risks in Program Delivery Consultancy


Equitas – International Centre for Human Rights Education has procedures and tools in place to support the different areas of the organization in assessing and managing different types of risks. However, due to the changing environment in which Equitas’ programs are implemented and the nature of our work in the field of human rights, the organization has a need to review, update and strengthen its current procedures, guidelines, and tools. In addition, the organization has an ongoing commitment to build the capacity of staff members to better integrate risk assessment and management (specific to security) into their practice.


Equitas is seeking a Consultant to develop guidelines and tools intended to provide Equitas’ project teams and partner organizations with a framework to assess, analyze and manage security risks that can impact the safety of those directly involved in Equitas’ programming in Canada and/or abroad. This is a pressing need for project teams that are currently responsible for delivering human rights education activities in contexts that have become increasingly unsafe due to political instability, poverty, criminality and anti-rights movements and institutions, among others factors.


The Consultant will ensure the following key deliverables:

  • Prepare a work plan that will describe how the work is to be carried out. This plan shall be reviewed with Programs Manager to ensure an agreement by both parties on the work that will be conducted.
  • Develop guidelines and tools to provide Equitas’ project teams and partner organizations with a framework to assess, analyze and manage security risks that can impact the safety of those directly involved in Equitas’ programming in Canada and/or abroad. Such guidelines and tools must be developed in line with the structure and approach proposed in other Equitas organizational guidelines currently being used by project teams to assess, analyze and manage risks related to Travel and to COVID-19.
  • Provide input on potential areas of improvement of Equitas’ Travel Security Guidelines and COVID-19 Guidelines.
  • List external resources that can support Equitas in strengthening the capacity of staff members and partner organizations to assess and manage security risks.
  • Prepare and lead an online session to present the guidelines and tools produced by the Consultant to a selected group of Equitas staff in coordination with Equitas’ Security Committee.

All written deliverables of the consultancy will be delivered in English and/or French. The Consultant will ensure that the main expected deliverable will be consistent with other Equitas’ guidelines and tools in terms of format, structure and length. The quality and content of the deliverables will be assessed by the Programs Manager (in consultation with the Security Committee and the Directors of Programs).


To fulfill its mandate and produce the expected deliverables, the Consultant will need to:

  • Consulting stakeholders at Equitas including, but not limited to, the Programs Manager, the Program Director, the Security Committee and relevant project teams to better understand the need of the organization in relation to the Consultant’s deliverables;
  • Reviewing existing security guidelines and tools (i.e. Travel Security Guidelines, Travel Forms, COVID-19 Guidelines and annexes) for reference in developing the expected deliverables, and also for feedback on areas of improvement;
  • Participating in online check-in meetings with Programs Manager and representative of the Security Committee to review progress on the work plan, any challenges and/or any need of support in order to provide the expected deliverables.

Duration, level of effort and location

This assignment is expected to be carried out with a level of effort of approximately 15 working days. The consultancy is expected to be conducted between April and May 2021.

The assignment is expected to be home-based with all meetings to be connected virtually. The Consultant will supply all necessary equipment required (ex: computer, phone, internet, etc.).

Management arrangements

The Consultant will report directly to the Equitas’ Programs Manager, Katie Corker. Equitas will provide relevant background documents necessary for the assignment. The Consultant will be expected to work closely with Equitas’ Security Committee and the Director of Programs.

Qualifications of the Consultant

The Consultant should have the following experience, skills, and knowledge:

  • Minimum of 7 years of relevant professional experience.
  • Demonstrated commitment to contribute to and promote a work environment that values diversity, inclusion, and equality.
  • Demonstrated experience in overseeing the implementation of security guidelines or standard operating procedures, procedures and practices.
  • Demonstrated experience in security management with non-profit organisations operating internationally.
  • Demonstrated experience in working with a non-profit in an advisory or consultancy role, assisting them to develop and implement guidelines and procedures.
  • Evidence of having undertaken similar assignments.
  • Ability to manage the available time and resources and to work to tight deadlines.
  • Ability to communicate orally, and read and understand documents, in both of Canada’s official languages (English and French); and excellent writing skills in English and/or French.

How to apply

To apply, please send the following:

  • Curriculum vitae, no longer than three pages and contain relevant information.
  • Technical proposal outlining the consultant/firm’s proposed approach for carrying out the required assignments (no more than 2-3 pages). Including an indicative work plan including proposed timeline.
  • Detailed budget providing the cost of the consultant’s services, including daily rate in CDN$, and total cost).

Given the nature of our work, we encourage applications from any candidates who have experienced marginalization, in particular, Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour, LGBTQ2I people, and people living with disabilities. Candidates who wish to do so may self-identify in their application.  All employment offers are conditional of satisfactory references and the signing of Equitas Human Resources Policy and the Policy on Preventing Sexual Violence, Harassment and Discrimination.  

Please include “Security Consultancy” in the subject line. Deadline for applications is March 30, 2021.

Please send these documents to the Programs Manager, Katie Corker at kcorker@equitas.org.

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