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May 6, 2014: Speaking Rights Celebration

Speaking Rights Celebration! On March 27, over 100 youths gathered at the Bain Mathieu in Montreal to celebrate the Speaking Rights Program. It gave them the opportunity to meet other youth from eight youth centres from across the island. Each group presented the community action projects that that they had worked on over the course of the winter through the Speaking Rights program. All the youth projects aimed to promote human rights values in the community. Adozone from Pointe St-Charles produced a video to fight homophobia and intimidation of gay youth. La Maison des jeunes du Plateau Mt-Royal created a webzine and developed their writing and video skills, their critical thinking and learned to express themselves on issues that affect them. Youth at the Pointe St-Charles YMCA took photos of their neighbourhood seeking to improve it while youth at the downtown YMCA got involved in the Leadership Committee of their youth centre. Youth from Éco-quartier du Sud-Ouest are creating a living outdoor classroom at their high school. Young men at the Dawson Community Centre are raising awareness of human rights values and producing a video called “Between Us Boys”. A group of youth from Centennial High School is mobilizing against intolerance at their high school and youth at Innovation Youth Ville-Marie are exploring their creativity through song and poetry and making a recording. As well as visiting the kiosks of all the groups,the crowd was entertained by Cirque Hors Piste and Kalmunity.

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