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IRAQ: Human Rights Education for Children

In a small village outside of Baghdad, Majida Salman Mohammad met these three young boys playing in a landfill. When asked why they were not in school, they replied, “What is school?” She tracked down their mothers who explained that, having fled the violence in other parts of the country, their children weren’t eligible to attend the local school. Majida took this picture which she entitled “Smile-kid” to highlight the plight of the internally displaced and of these children. Majida Salman Mohammad, herself, fled Baghdad in 2005 following the kidnapping and subsequent release of her son. Leaving everything behind, the family settled in Amman, Jordan. One day, she came upon the Royal Society of Iraqi Expatriates. Despite working two jobs, she volunteered. From there, she attended a number of Equitas’ human rights training sessions in the Middle East. In June 2010, she attended Equitas’ International Human Rights Training Program in Montréal “which has inspired [her] to continue [her] work in human rights”. Now back in Baghdad, she is transferring the human rights knowledge, skills and values learned from Equitas to academic institutions, teachers, students and community organizations so that in the future all Iraqi children will be able to attend school and know their rights.

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