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Human rights defenders enjoy Canadian barbecue

Monday, June 11th was the traditional barbecue at the International Human Rights Training Program. Every year, we organize what is certainly a Canadian summer tradition, the backyard barbecue on a warm summer’s evening. But before the barbecue, we first take the annual group picture. No mean feat assembling the more than 150 participants, facilitators and Equitas staff on the steps of Stewart Hall at John-Abbott College. Devoted and patient volunteer photographer, Michael Cooper, made sure to get everyone in the shot.

Getting ready for the group photo
Al fresco meal on the beautiful John-Abbott campus
Then it was time for the barbecue with burgers and chicken for all. Also at the BBQ were volunteers and donors who were invited to meet this year’s participants in a relaxed setting. While some lingered after dinner, others were more active with a few spontaneous soccer and football games breaking out and yet other groups preparing their number for the talent show at Wednesday’s upcoming International dinner. – Pego Brennan