Equitas’ programs provide frontline human rights defenders and educators, government officials as well as children and youth with the knowledge, skills and attitudes required to promote human rights values and to combat inequality, exclusion and other forms of human rights abuse. Equitas’ education programs are effective and recognized internationally because of our innovative methodology, the global reach of our networks and the strength of our partnerships.

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Central and Eastern Europe and the Former Soviet Union

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Equitas programs translate international, regional and domestic human rights standards into highly effective tools for empowerment, particularly for marginalized or vulnerable groups. The Equitas approach to human rights education opens important avenues for all groups in society to participate in decision-making processes and to hold governments more accountable for actions or inaction that contribute to human rights violations.

The Elements of Equitas’ Innovative Approach to Human Rights Education

  • Participatory learning approaches that value the experience of the learner and provide space for mutual learning
  • Education focused on building knowledge, skills and positive values
  • Engaged partnerships and networking that include systematic sharing of expertise and methodologies
  • Promotion of human rights based approaches in response to challenges regarding human rights abuses, sustainable development, democratic governance and conflict
  • Follow-up and support for the practical application of learning
  • Ongoing evaluation and integration of lessons learned
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