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Collaborate with us

Enable your organization to align its internal practices and business operations with evolving international human rights goals and standards. Collaborate with us to learn and move ahead on resolving human rights issues in creative ways!

As a recognized leader who advances the promotion and protection of human rights, Equitas collaborates across sectors to offer services that enable organizations to align their internal practices and business operations with evolving international human rights goals and standards. We are known and trusted for designing customized approaches that meet clients where they are, and enable them to move towards solutions and outcomes that have deeper social impact in the places and communities they are working in.  

Ways we can collaborate

Equitas offers a full range of consulting services that support diverse organizations, big and small, to integrate practices that better recognize and respect human rights in their internal and external operations. Through the services detailed below, Equitas supports organizations to identify, prevent, and mitigate everyday human rights impacts. 

What can we do?

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We know that careful planning and human-centered process design can lead to better social impact results. We start from a systems-thinking and collaborative approach where we get to understand your needs and preoccupations, think about what your long-term objectives are, and put together strategies and a concrete plan for practice change that will make a measurable difference in the everyday. This involves co-defining strategic objectives, identifying key issues, developing options and solutions that are aimed at moving your business to where it wants to be in advancing sustainable change.  

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Equitas’ approach is grounded in equity and inclusion. We design and facilitate processes for participatory consultation around existing and potential human rights risks that respectfully engage those who are most impacted by business decisions in communities. We have decades of experience consulting with communities in Canada and globally to hear concerns and to think about collaborative solutions-building even when there are competing interests at play. We can facilitate processes that engage a variety of stakeholders in planning for moving ahead on resolving human rights issues in creative ways. 

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We know change cannot happen without building new knowledge and shared reflection and learning. Equitas has a highly qualified team with content expertise in the various dimensions of human rights compliance drawn from the successful implementation of initiatives in over x countries globally.  

We are able to design custom trainings, in French and English, online and in-person to meet your needs across a broad range of areas that include: ESG compliance and Human Rights Due Diligence; Integrating the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights and the Sustainable Development Goals; Advancing Gender Equality and GBA+; Conducting Participatory Human Rights Analysis and Social Impact Assessments; Integrating Anti-racism Practices in the workplace.  

Our trainings take a practical hands-on approach where participants bring their knowledge and experiences and work through real-life scenarios to build skills in integrating human rights strategies and practices into their work. Training is supported by coaching as clients integrate what they have learned and make changes in the way they operate and do business.  

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We work with our clients to co-create spaces where respectful and constructive dialogue and solutions-building can take place. We create opportunities for exchange, where diverse interests, needs, and knowledge are valued and different voices are heard in order to inform future decision-making and accountability in the long term. We have decades of experience bringing together government, civil society, and the private sector in dialogue whether that be in public consultations, during research, expert panels, or in community roundtables to build partnerships to work on solving local and global issues.  

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As a learning organization, Equitas is deeply committed to strong evaluation, evidence-based research and outcomes, and sharing emerging practices and innovative results. We have an evaluation team that can work with you to design a process that fits your needs and can support you in documenting how you are making better social impact over time.  

Who we've collaborated with

Over the past 50+ years, Equitas has worked with partners across Canada and around the world on hundreds of projects that lead to meaningful social impact and promote equity and human rights for all. We have a long history of working across government levels, with academia, the private sector, and civil society organizations to advance creative collaborations and to propose innovative solutions to local and global issues. We value the opportunity to support partners in deepening their social impact, enabling them to be innovators and leaders in their sector as active contributors to social change.  

Federal Government and National Partners: 

  • Global Affairs Canada 
  • Department of Canadian Heritage 

Provincial, Territorial and Municipal Governments: 

  • Ministère des relations internationales et de la francophonie (MRIF) 
  • City of Vancouver 
  • City of Montreal 
  • City of Winnipeg 
  • City of Toronto 

International Partners: 

  • AJWS 
  • EU 

Corporate Partners: 

  • TD Bank 
  • RBC  

Let’s start a conversation!

Alexandra Mitisdou
Program Officer, Equitas