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Play it Fair! Toolkit

Are you looking for easy to use activities and games to promote positive values and encourage the development of an environment that fosters inclusion, respect and cooperation in your classroom, day camp or after-school program? Check out our Play it Fair! toolkit for children aged 6-12.

Play It Fair! is an easy to use educational Toolkit developed by Equitas to promote human rights, non-discrimination and peaceful conflict resolution within non-formal education programs for children, such as summer camps or after school activities.

  • A resource of activities. More than 60 games to promote human rights values such as cooperation, respect for diversity, fairness, inclusion, respect, responsibility and acceptance with children aged 6-12 years and youth working with them.
  • A prevention tool. To promote positive values and encourage the development of an environment that fosters inclusion, respect and cooperation.
  • An intervention tool. To provide constructive responses to conflict and to support staff to address challenging situations related to bullying, cliques, exclusion etc.

How to download a sample of the Play it Fair! Toolkit

For children aged 6-12 years old, download our Sample Play it Fair! Toolkit here!

Are you working with youth aged 13 to 18? Check out our Speaking Rights sample Toolkit here.

Want to learn more? Write to Anne-Sarah Côté.

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