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Regional Program

Equitas and its partners play a key role in providing human rights education training to effect and sustain social change in Francophone Africa.

The Sub-Regional Human Rights Training (SRFDH) is the human rights education initiative of alumni of the annual International Human Rights Training Program from the West Africa region in partnership with Equitas.

The SRFDH is a regional training program which provides a unique opportunity for human rights workers, defenders, activists and educators to deepen their understanding of human rights and the essential role of human rights education in effecting and sustaining social change

The program’s participatory methodology provides a framework for the sharing of expertise, experience and reflection among a tremendously diverse group of participants, facilitators and highly qualified resource persons.


“Everybody participates. Everybody learns. Everybody can make a difference”
Vincenza Nazzari, Director of Education, Equitas.


The program contributes to networking at both the national and regional levels and to developing collaborative partnerships among representatives of civil society, national human rights institutions, regional, and international organizations, and governments.

Prevention of Torture in Francophone Africa

By using a collaborative approach with local, national and international stakeholders, this project develops and implements models and tools that strengthen key actors capacities to tackle torture, promote the respect of human rights and access to judicial help, and consolidate the rule of law.

The projects goal is a greater enforcement of international standards and national laws regarding the prevention of torture and other cruel, inhumane and degrading treatments or punishments, in the context of Francophonie; a greater access to justice and respect for the rule of law.

Our impact


Since the inception of the SRFDH, we have:

  •  developed a “home-grown” human rights training and education curriculum based on relevant regional human rights issues and concerns, such as the prevention of torture.
  • established a pool of core human rights training facilitators with demonstrated commitment to the cause of establishing a culture of citizenship and human rights in the region.

Brochure Program

Our partners

Prevention of Torture in Francophone Africa is a joint project of Equitas and International Bridges for Justice.

Equitas works in West Africa with Réseau Equitas Burkina Faso, Réseau Equitas Cameroun, Réseau Equitas Côte d’Ivoire, Réseau Equitas Sénégal pour l’éducation aux droits humains, Réseau Equitas RDC, Réseau Equitas Rwanda, L’École instrument pour la paix-Cameroun.

Our work in West Africa is part of Strengthening Human Rights Education Globally, funded by the Government of Canada through Global Affairs Canada (GAC).



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