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Milagros « Bing » Arguelles | Program Officer, Asia

(514) 954-0382, ext. 230
666 Sherbrooke West – Suite 1100
Montreal, Quebec, H3A 1E7

Milagros also known as Bing, joined Equitas in May 1998 and is responsible for programs in Asia, the IHRTP Follow-up in the region, and the Migrant Workers Program. From 2012 – 14, she was responsible for the Middle East and North Africa Program. Prior to joining Equitas Bing worked with the international development community, the Philippine government and as an NGO consultant specializing in grassroots development. As an Equitas Program Officer, Bing’s interests revolve around social justice issues, migration and social movements, environmental protection and sustainable development. Bing holds a Masters Degree in Public Administration from Carleton University, Ottawa, and an MBA from the University of the Philippines.

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